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  1. Highly doubt but who knows. Shooting after getting punched will open a lot of options

  2. Only options that will open for Killing someone with a firearm because you are too scared to fight is years in jail my guy.

  3. …I’m guessing you aren’t familiar with a little semi recent case of Kyle rittenhouse

  4. I know of that case, and there is a massive difference, he was attacked and shot at first. That is the reason he won that case. This Super Weenie Hut jr. just got punched in the face and got his little feelings hurt.

  5. Well it was very weird at that time not so much now at their current age. 8 years apart don’t look bad when your 40+

  6. One on the right has designs on the swim trunks so that added some extra change to the price…

  7. It’s super sexy but why is the asshole hairy though?

  8. Because assholes are hairy bruh you'll understand when you're with a woman 💯

  9. Dude I’m married 😅, girls normally shave back there to keep it more appealing which is why in pornos you don’t normally see hairy assholes. I’m into clean shaved assholes so my wife keeps it nice and smooth. If you like Hairy assholes that’s cool too bro. Everyone has their kinks I was just asking

  10. Wow dude needs to chill especially when cops are around, like what was his end game? I get it people react differently to pranks but as soon as he found out it was a prank and police arrived he should have calmed way down.

  11. Wouldn’t the scales on the fish hurt the lady?

  12. I don’t agree with her but damn it I still like Harry Potter and still buy her merchandise

  13. Well damn this is a situation here but in all honesty glad she found someone who isn’t afraid of being judged everyday by people who don’t know her age. Hope all goes well with them.

  14. To each their own, just not my cup of tea. The gore was bad ass though.

  15. I don’t mind it as a concept! It’s a fantastic idea, it really is, but this game needs to work for a vast array of persuasions. I have done a lot of PvP, but in my later years I’ve come to enjoy the PvE scene a lot more. Therefore I feel that this game need to allow for people to not be subjected to these types of things if they don’t want to, and those who want to take that risk to be given that chance.

  16. Maybe something like Elite Dangerous offers, an solo or open server

  17. That would prevent anyone from wanting to play with other people from doing just that. PvP or no multiplayer features are not mutually exclusive. I don't know exactly how ED does things, as I have only played in the solo version, but maybe they have some elements to it that I like. I would love it if they had both a PvE and a PvP mega-server. Or if they restricted PvP to certain regions, like, let's say, in Security Type 3 systems PvP is just not possible, friendly fire is turned off or something like that. In Security Type 2 systems PvP is fully enabled, but NPC security forces will respond super quickly and be very powerful. In Security Type 1 there are no security forces that respond to PvP activities, a complete free-for-all.

  18. I just remembered when I used to play elite dangerous and someone was camping somewhere I needed to be and kept destroying my ship I would log out, Switch to solo mode, do what I needed to do, go to a different area, log out then log back into open. But I always played something like a space trucker never as a fighter. I was cool with pirates who wanted to rob me, I just gave them what they wanted ( normally like 20% to 50% of my cargo) and went on my merry way. But people who kept killing me just because got annoying. But I like your idea of no pvp areas or high policed areas.

  19. 35m here, I understand how you feel, making friends as an adult is difficult, especially if you’re an introvert. Last week I saw my seven year old daughter go outside and saw a young kid in our yard. She looked at him and said you’re in my yard so now we’re friends. They been hanging out almost every day now. I miss those days 😅. Well now this is me reaching out PM me if you want to talk and maybe build a friendship or something 😅

  20. Omg I was just at a clothing store in SC and saw that same suit. I almost bought it but went with this yellow and black one instead 😅. I’m a new player so I’m still wowed by a lot

  21. Same colors but mine looked like something you see in that anthem game 😅. I’ll have to take a screenshot when I get home and I’ll show ya

  22. I’m thinking about buying it just because people say not to buy it. And I probably won’t even play it much, if at all.

  23. 35m here just want to say I like to fly spaceships In my spaceship game cause spaceships are cool…..SPACESHIP!!!

  24. Your right, it will never be warzone 1 because it isn’t warzone 1. Look maybe warzone 3 might be your thing if they ever make it, but warzone 2 is fun for people like me that love slower pace battle royals in a call of duty setting

  25. If you want to camp then go and be the best camper you can be. I don’t shame people on how they like to play

  26. Yeah... And how'd they do at the box office? Probably went directly to DVD or streaming. Did you buy a ticket to see any of them?

  27. Some actually got good reviews, but look bro I understand that you have a personal hatred towards these people but you don’t speak for everyone. If you want to boycott them then more power to you. I actually went and watched Bandit in theaters on the Friday it came out September 23 and I thought it was a great movie.

  28. Good reviews don't pay the rent! They ALL tanked! They were once prominent lead actors turned into supporting or minor ones, movies that go direct to streaming/DVD. Haven't got a good box office in years...

  29. I cannot say that they made a lot of money off these movies, but what I can say is that I was entertain watching these movies. If they come up with more movies and I’m interested in it, then I will watch it.

  30. Is it a different color for each teammate though? Or are you just changing the color of the ping overall?

  31. Over all, everyone is hot pink. I don’t care who pings I just need to know where 😅

  32. I gotcha haha. I just play with friends so it was nice when I hear them say "on my ping" I know what their color is so I know where to look. Now there are 3 pings all the same color so it takes some time to figure out haha

  33. Lol ok yeah I can see that in your situation, I normally run duos so It’s pretty easy to figure out who pings for me 😅

  34. I personally like this sooo much better. Warzone 1 was nothing but sweats and streamers (who were even sweatier) making it harder for casuals to have fun. Personally, I could sweat too but I don’t want to try hard every game. I want to have fun too and fuck around with different guns. The slower pace the Warzone 2 offers, in my opinion, is causing a lot of the sweats and streamers to stop playing. At least that’s what it feels like because lobbies are lot easier.

  35. Nooo need a bigger predator to take out that lion!!!! That should be against the code of conduct to be eaten alive 🥺

  36. Don’t know, it doesn’t really look like she’s not paying attention. As soon as the kid starts walking to the stairs, she’s already looking at the kid. I believe that the mother was paying attention while also being on the phone that’s why her reaction was quick enough to save the child. I’m sorry but just seems like this post is a subtle attack on the mom and I feel like she didn’t do anything wrong.

  37. Doesn’t look like they said no, they are just saying that you would be rehired and that if a new employer calls them they won’t be nice. Unless I’m missing something?

  38. So the LGBTQ is upset that a religious fast food restaurant does not agree with their point of views?

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