1. C6 Currently I have R3 but will R5 by the end of the banner. 4 GLAD 71.1 CR 250.1 CD 2031 Attack

  2. Whoa. I can't wait to get him when he reruns.

  3. Yeah of course, I just use Barbara since my Kokomi is glued to my Ayaka. I mean his shield is still nice to have and I run double hyrdro to give him some HP since I run full EM on him.

  4. awesome who is the artist of this masterpiece

  5. I read the wrong version of "tear" for a second and had a heart attack.

  6. I worked Tuesday night and left Wednesday morning one hour early, does that still count? I used PPTO.

  7. Not likely. None of the 5V USB devices and SSDs would work if it's a PSU 5V issue.

  8. Does it say the same thing for the ports on the motherboard? I would just guess it's the front panel USB connection that's the problem otherwise

  9. I've owned both the 23/2 and 35/2 and both are fantastic lenses. They're very small and compact and balance perfectly with the X-T30. You can't go wrong with either of them, it really depends on which focal length you prefer. If you are unsure, use your kit lens and set it to 23 and 35 to see which you like to use more. You can usually find them for significantly cheaper on the used market. I usually see them go for ~$300 each, in which case you can just get both! lol. When I bought mine, I got them from

  10. Thank you! I'll definitely be checking those websites out. I'll probably wait a little and mess with my kit lens and see which I like more. If anything I might just save a little more and get both f/1.4s.

  11. Might be worth looking at the 1.4s in those focal lengths.

  12. I have a black grand piano you can catalog for free.

  13. Awesome! Would you like me to come there or to come here?

  14. 10 NMT for shell arch, palm-tree lamp and lily record player?

  15. Hello if you're still doing this can I catalog the soft serve set?

  16. Awesome! I'll send you the dodo code after i'm done with this trade.

  17. I’ll buy the pagoda for 50 but I don’t get off work till 1:00 PDT

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