1. Why not just raid for a 3 star you have a free raid pass daily Just host a raid and use

  2. Same here it crashes after the loading screen started at 0000 hrs

  3. You need to explain the dimensions in football fields for americans

  4. I've had 15 return in the same day if that's what it takes to make sure you earn 50 coins every day then it is what it is

  5. Oh damn, i thought 4 was stupid. My pokemon usually take forever to get knocked out. I once had one stuck in a gym for 15 days.

  6. I don't mind my pokemon getting knocked out I'll get pissed as I have to take the gym down the next day after giving appropriate time so others can earn enough as a free to play player It's the only way I can earn coins so I gotta hold as many as I can to make sure I get 50 coins everyday And some how it works pretty well usually I miss maybe 2 to 3days a month not earning any coins

  7. I am using it for over an year works really good But after some updates it has some weird issues at random times but works pretty good I would prefer you go for the Xiaomi 12 t pro if you could

  8. Yeah, the 12T Pro is actually what i meant. My bad. I already made an edit in the post.

  9. The phone gets the job done 99% of the time and that 1% is usuallya non-issue

  10. It would be funny if some one would put a gloom in there or a sunflora

  11. I’ve been getting consistently matched to mostly level 50 players since I reached level 30 a while ago. It’s just the way it’s been.

  12. I've had issue with on some tracks I haven't done a single mistake no braking no wearing of the track and have almost a 1 to 1.5 second lead and the lead kind of vanishes by the end of the lap or the final corner

  13. The bully, GTa san Andreas , spiderman, Witcher series , god of war

  14. Yesterday in Zandvoort I had a qualifying race and the controls were really off. It was very difficult to control the car. Not only that, I ran two laps and it didn’t end until I purposefully binned it into a wall and DNF’d. Strange glitch.

  15. Lol had this at Portugal an hour ago posted it on the subreddit

  16. Same issue sent a complain thru the game with screen record no reply yet

  17. People don't know how big the rivalry of clubs based in Jeddah have with clubs based in riyadh

  18. I feel it's better to spread your pokemons across as many gyms as you can to make sure you can earn as much as you can

  19. I didn't get a gift it had a timer on the main page but isn't there anymore Plus it's showing me the ads but instead of giving the rewards it just says something happened and refreshes

  20. I had a pretty bad one compared to other community day's caught a total of 12 but caught only 4 shinys in the first 2 hours but ended up cating 8 in the final hour

  21. It was supposed to be a simple server migration 😂😂😂 So optimistic

  22. Eh I’m not worried about it. Like I’ve mentioned I have a few 3* shadow in my list I just wanted a 4* guy.

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