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  1. my pair of citrins knit was soo dogshit crazy it hasn’t done this yet

  2. i stopped playing how the fuck haven’t they fixed that yet embarrassing.

  3. Because most people are naturally curious and like to imagine where this game could've been taken and then discuss it with others?

  4. we’ve been doing it for ever it’s just the same conversation over and over

  5. First time I see and it's quite enjoyable. New people come along all the time.

  6. why do humans support these garbage ass prices 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Lmao now they just putting in an Adidas in sole instead? Kanye is probably pissed he didn't add more branding on the shoe. As insurance for a situation like this.

  8. doubt he cares he wanted the shoes to be low key not covered in checks or 3 stripes

  9. Nope probably the worst one yet in terms of atmosphere and story telling which are my 2 number ones

  10. akm3 says:

    Why is the guy from west world in this?

  11. Duel servers right now is a shitshow.

  12. People always say we shouldn’t hate on tb but they deserve some sort of pushback cuz they’re stupid af

  13. I want to make the jump to full PC gaming but seeing that infinite is even shittier on PC than Xbox is holding me back.

  14. bro there isn’t a fps limiter on the box get a pc and don’t ever look back

  15. This is just proof that FH5 is a bad game, and will never beat the past installments. Sure, the graphics are good. And? They have to fix cheated leaderboards, online servers, stop releasing old cars as "new content," and so much more. And I know for a fact its the people at turn 10 and not Playground Games that are preventing all these issues from being fixed.

  16. graphics is really all they brought to the table

  17. They’re a cool idea. They’re just buggy as hell and I don’t want to be forced onto them.

  18. i can deal with lack of support shitty glitches and no cross party but this is really why i had to drop this game

  19. i like mine but the aorus control center is the epitome of dog shit

  20. I dunno. Season got pretty bad in the end. But there was that one good episode in the middle with a solid combat scene, and part of me thinks if they could build on that kind of quality and improve the rest of the show around it that it may be worth it. I've been hopelessly waiting for a decent halo movie/tv show my whole life, I'm not ready to let go yet...

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