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  1. How long have they been this size for? On average mushrooms tend to double in size each day, if they have stopped growing they could be aborting, not to worry though as aborts do tend to be very potent assuming you pick them before they rot, I had a cake that was covered in aborts which was due to my substrate drying out after a dunk though amd she was off flying.

  2. To see the same comment that's overused on every post. I don't understand how it doesn't get old to you all.

  3. Have you ever considered some people may enjoy the tingling sensation that psylocybin produces in the prostate gland and some conscientious psychonauts are simply providing a service by reminding/educating curious travelers of the many different options at their disposal other than lemon teking?

  4. No cause I live in the real world but I guess u live in a hypothetical one.

  5. You are on a magic mushroom forum claiming to live in the real world 💀

  6. I have worked for places where it said in the contract you couldn't but management would turn a blind eye as long as it never affected your work with them

  7. Nothing wrong with any of these, take no notice of any of these idiots

  8. Why would you even bother tormenting this, it's cheap as fuck

  9. More concerned about the wet grains at the bottom tbh

  10. I think it's gonna hurt! Word of advice lube it up 🤣

  11. Well that's nice, in my next life I shall be me again

  12. The blonde bird from captain caveman and daphnie from scooby doo

  13. Almost fully colonized. Inoculated 10/14. Couple of little specks. Think it might be bruising because I got entertainment about turning them upside down and watching the brick of rye slide down the jar. Could that have caused it? Did it a couple times. Does look green/blueish. Should I Q tip it and if it doesn’t rub off take to bulk?

  14. No definetly no need to do that, that is 100% bruising brother however going forward find something else to entertain you, end of the day this is a living organism so it has to be treated with care, just because you think it may be quite fun to attach a firework rocket to a cat you know better, besides you do risk more chance of contams when you fuck around like that as you risk damaging your hepa filter, but it's definetly just bruising

  15. Of course it is, I mean it's more suited towards other genres of music such as hip hop and EDM etc, but end of the day it's what you are comfortable with and it's not the DAW that makes the song but the musician, don't get me wrong though there are plenty of other DAWS out there that would definetly give you a better workflow especially as ilnassuming if your making rock music that will be alot of live recording which I have always felt FL is kind of lacking but if your comfortable with FL go for it, if money isn't an issue however and you are in the market for an excellent DAW which is easy to use, you should check out studio one

  16. I like mushrooms anyway so doesn't bother me

  17. No definetly not, infact some people while lemon tekin drink their pee to make the trip last longer as it can be shortened

  18. Thing is even if u do use the same sounds and u feel its getting a bit repetitive, there is plenty ty of fx plugins out there also to help change things up

  19. Every1 is saying dump it but I really hope u opened that outside n plucked those pins, cus they would still be potent jnfact even more so at that size

  20. The acid of the lemon converts psilocybin into psilocin vs the body doing it.

  21. I read a blog where after drinking the lemon tek some experienced phyconauts tend to drink their 1st urine in order to extend their trip

  22. How have you failed exactly? If you consider this a failure I'm wondering about your other 2 attempts.

  23. Thanks for replying! Should I only spray the areas I believe are infected or the entire tub?

  24. No need to spray, its not cobweb, it looks fine

  25. Yup, can I give you 1 bit of advice?, just leave it alone and forget about it for 2 weeks, otherwise your just gonna be looking at it 40 times a day looking for faults where there are none, leave it alone and let it do its thing

  26. Also handling it taking it out of its safe space and breathing over it is putting it at more risk so leave it be

  27. Yes. Not entirely sure about the black one on right but it's probably fine? The rest look good to go

  28. Yeah I think that's just bruising but I too would be a bit off put by that 1

  29. I could be wrong but I think what your looking at is slime mold

  30. It looks fine and yes it's normal for that much condensation especially at that stage with how colonised you are, I have had several grain tubs the same ones you are using and they all ended up looking like this

  31. oh nice! you reckon it’s ready for s2b?

  32. You mentioned that you ain't fully colonized in another comment, so with that in mind I would say gibe it an extra few days

  33. Terrible advice, never cut open mushrooms doing this causes them to oxidise (bruise) when this happens the mushrooms start losing potency, you are best to keep them whole and seperated

  34. Do you have a fruiting chamber made up as your going to need 1 assuming you plan on dunking that cake to make more shroom babies

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