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  1. I got one yesterday while at target. Its a dino 16 inch one and had the best sleep in years because of it.

  2. Would the supreme court really rule in favor of something that gives up some of their own power? IF done the wrong way this could give up any courts power.

  3. Cdw and insight have been both garbage for me. Both reps havent contacted me in years .

  4. I hate the fact that the cloud spiceworks doesnt have all the same features as the discontinued on site version.

  5. Most of the hospitals here on long island are private as well. Northwell health treats its employees like crap. It makes its security guards do a lot more than security.

  6. It's a security guard. I don't know how many you've interacted with, but security is one of the biggest "not my job" careers out there.

  7. My friend at work does part time security at a hospital. They have the security guards doing a lot more than security. I can see why they tell people to use google.

  8. I have learned not to sleep with my arm under my pillow. That is when my shoulders dislocate. Hugging something also helps.

  9. Why not release a mobile phone controller? Link mobile games specifically to that.

  10. I am male and my eds isn't as bad as some on here. I have a bachelors of management of technology. It was a business management degree but with computer electives. I took a lot of online classes. I am head of IT for a public library. Not a ton of stuff that hurts my eds. Funny enough its things like unplugging computers that dislocates my shoulders.

  11. I just can't find anything better to play.

  12. Technical writing requires you to think like an alien who has no experience with anything from this planet.

  13. Primes are starting to be more available. My friend just got a prime because the regular hybrids have like a 1 year long waiting list and they had 2 unspoken for primes.

  14. My game randomly doesn't load at all sometimes it starts to load and freezes the whole switch.

  15. Everything will be ok. I had sorta similiar experience. We went in for an induction. They had trouble getting my sons heart rate. They break her water and put the monitor on his head. His heart rate drops within 5 seconds and before i know it i am in the room by myself with scrubs on ( this hospital has its own OR for its naternity section). Everything ended up working out. You got this.

  16. Looks like it could be due to the Pine Barrens . I am in medford and we are close enough that it does make this area colder usually.

  17. Huh. Interesting. Does that also increase the pollutants somehow? Forgive me. I'm new to this and saw the alert pop up on my laptop and started freaking out that there was an explosion or bad fire or something nearby.

  18. I am wondering if its something with msn weather. Weather.com didnt show that for me.

  19. The pass ends for everybody in 2025. Also , It might not save you money. I have a regular hybrid and the rav4 prime is about $10k to $12k more that the hybrid version. I doubt you will make that price up in electric.

  20. My son is 9 and still brings stuff home. In february he caught covid from a girl that was knowingly sent to school with covid. He got us all sick.

  21. A cat 3 or higher could be a crazy. Long island is connected to the mainland by bridges. If a hurricane takes out the bridges thats 8 million people that lose access to things like food.

  22. seems like the cable probably died. Look in the ends of the cable. Make sure there isn't any lint in there. You could also have bad pins inside the cable as well.

  23. She had to have been arrested for not appearing in court. Right? The article mentions she was ordered to appear and that usually triggers a warrant. Not paying a bill sounds like civil all day and that's not an arrestable scenario.

  24. Yes that is the real reason but that does not look good as an article. I am surprised so many people believe everything the news says.

  25. I understand why so many people are against the idea of building upward or adding a lot of apartment buildings and complexes. I don't agree with those people, but I understand their perspective.

  26. The issue is that won't work unless you have real companies and not just mom and pops. Look at the main street of Huntington area. All these apartments on top of stores and everybody has a car. These cars take up room in the parking lots and the stores end up not getting business due to no parking.

  27. Everyone has cars because the bus systems suck ass, are slow & infrequent + bad land use, Suffolk & Nassau counties need to improve their bus systems, and remove minimum parking requirements for new development

  28. Removing minimum parking gives you huntington village. Where all the village lots are taken up by the cars of the people in the appartments.

  29. Seem to be different ingredients lists found by different people. I wonder if things change by what county you're in. This is from McDonald's site when viewed from Minnesota.

  30. Potatoes, high oleic low linolenic canola oil and/or canola oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, natural flavour (vegetable source), salt, dehydrated potato, vegetable monoglycerides, corn flour, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (maintain colour), extractives of black pepper, citric acid (preservative), dimethylpolysiloxane (antifoaming agent). Cooked in vegetable oil (high oleic low linoleic canola oil and/or canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, citric acid, dimethylpolysiloxane) loll

  31. Are they made from different things in different areas? It says this for me

  32. Do you have a menu that they reach first? That might help due to the auto dialer hitting the menu first.

  33. which part of medford are you in ? Most of Medford is in distribution area 12 but a tiny portion is in distribution area 15.

  34. Just how Russia is forcing Ukraine to be taken over? You can't force a country to be taken over by somebody else

  35. Russia is one step away from doing that themselves. They are already trying to blame things on Poland and using parts of their nuclear arsonal minus the warheads.

  36. Unless this changed with 2022 or 2023 Toyota doesn't havefirst party cargo nets that go across the back . They are meant to go across the floor of the hatch area. If you want one you have to add them in yourself.

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