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  1. Hi, Hello, Hola, what's up? How are you? Oh y lord your a treasure.

  2. I meant that I don't really understand what you're saying. The batfucker thing really threw me off lmao ... batfucker reality, what is that?? and amphomorgia doesn't appear to be an actual word ... and only 0.3% of people (according to NAMI) have schizoaffective, that is far from being 70% ...

  3. Yeah bat fucker had me off too. I think this guy is trying to be like Farva off Super troopers.

  4. What the fuck?? Is my phitzo fucking with me?? I'm lost in a hole. I'm so confused

  5. Welcome to the club. Feel free to chat, meltdown, break down or have a complete episode here and just know, we are with you and here for you. This is a great community and we open your arms, hearts, minds and skitzo to you.

  6. I love that idea! People like you are helping lessen the stigma and I'm all for it. 😁

  7. SED is hard to explain it in a well rounded explanation. Just the nature of it being Skitzo with a mixture of PTSD or bipolar or TBI or ADHD or mania or chronic pain and depression or a number of other mental health issues. It's a mixture of Skitzo with another underlining condition that's as bad as the principle. So hard to not give the wrong impression.

  8. It sure is! It's a double whammy, mine is bipolar as well having been diagnosed with BPD πŸ™ˆ. For my first therapist appointment coming up, I'm going to ask for help on how best to disclose it to friends, family and future dates/boyfriend. I'm still taking it all in. How was your experience?

  9. I was just diagnosed with PED a few years ago. Until then I just had a list. It was hard to explain because it was. Relative new term. Not a new problem just new diagnosis. I have no one in my life for support or relationships where I have to explain my condition: too. The only people I have to inform is my boss at work. Luckily they are great people and a very professional environment so I'm very lucky and comfortable with talking to them about it. Have a goodnight everyone and stay safe. Keep looking for your path to your better self and future!!

  10. I take 25mg of Haldol a day. 5mg in the morning and 20 at night for sleep.

  11. You are extremely beautiful and that body looks amazing to the imagination as well. Love to see more, please.

  12. I'm so fucking lost right now. I don't seem to understand the meme at all.

  13. What's Saphis? My meds have killed my dream sessions.

  14. So what did he do wrong in the first place? Did he almost hit a parked cop car at first? Why did the cop single him out? For being on the phone? 90% of all cops I see are driving while on the phone.

  15. Dude swerved. Wow yeah that warrants all the drastic What are you doing? Yeah he was an idiot for speeding off the first time lol. Damn Carl!!

  16. Hypnogogia and hypnopompia are the states between full consciousness and dreaming. Sometimes it can be used for like problem solving and thinking through deep issues. Bipolar people mostly have it and autistic people

  17. Oh it happens to me a lot when reading and and my mind keeps writing a story I'm reading or a paper I was writing. I come back to thinking I was done and a hour or 2 has passed in reality I only dosed off for a few minutes and nothing I dreamed or hallucinated happened. No paper was done, my writing wasn't finish. The reading material didn't happen the way my mind though it did even though I was reading, imagining, it in my sleep. You know I narrated and it went the other way. It does it a lot when I dose off and I'm on line too. I have a great comment or idea, paragraph or whatever and on my paper it's scribble and on my electronic devices it's a bunch of letters, numbers, symbols and incoherent ramblings. I do it a lot when I'm stimulating my brain while I'm nodding off.

  18. You're talking about the sorta half dream state leading up to sleep right? or the one after waking? How are they pleasant for you I'm genuinely curious I want mine to be but I usually have nightmares and that really fucks me over when I only halfway wake up out of them sometimes. Most of the times I've experienced the ones leading into sleep it's some fucking bastard saying something or some alarming noise in general to wake me up just as I was about to fall asleep.

  19. Mine hit before sleep, waking up and the most vivid dreams when I'm fully a sleep. I never had bad dreams or trips. I always knew it was the LSD so I laughed it off. I never let the bad run me into a panic. DMT ruined me though. I did it once and never again It that stuff is the spirt drug that shows the answers then we are in a cycle of electronic stimulation like the matrix and we are fucked. Well that's what the DMT showed me. A cycle that starts over at birth and is reset everytime we die to live it again. This is hell and weren't getting out.

  20. Me too I want to watch that for 3 hours. Please, please, please send link.

  21. Makes me forget. Calms me down but I can watch the same movie 4 times and forget I ever seen it. Just like Zanax.

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