1. Would say Inter are favorites, but it is quite close.

  2. I am keeping Henry. He is only 4.5 and saving budget will be very important in the next few weeks. I have planned ahead and really struggle with budget before I eventually wildcard.

  3. Yeah this is it. This week is the only one I’ll need 5 defenders, I’ll be benching at least one every week going forward so I’d rather do it with someone cheap (Henry) than someone more expensive (Gabriel). Will play shaw/trippier/estupinan going forward. + honestly as a long-suffering Gabriel owner I don’t have much belief in their ability not to conceded in a given game, and with no dgw and poor fixtures I don’t want him in my team.

  4. Yeah I think 32 is the only week when Arsenal def look amazing and if you free hit that week then you can go without.

  5. If you plan to keep one for the rest of the season then maybe Barnes is better. Maddison on 8 yellows and Barnes bigger goal threat and cheaper.

  6. Haaland still the best forward then apart from not getting 2 extra points for playing and less chances for bonus potentially.

  7. Can someone explain why these charts are showing west ham to have crazy clean sheet chances? They’re sitting in relegation

  8. Not sure, but I think it is since they have done well in past seasons so predicted to improve.

  9. Chelsea feels high vs Villa. Personally feel more confident in Watkins scoring than Kepa keeping a clean.

  10. On paper many interesting fixtures, but could be tricky.

  11. Going differential just to make up ground is not a great idea. Just pick the person whom you think will get the most points that particular week.

  12. What you obviously has to buy a keeper and then decide if you wait or not with bench boost.

  13. Mctominay in and captain. Best stats international football. 4 goals per 90 lol. All stats people should be all over him now.

  14. As a West Ham fan, fixtures don't mean much, we concede to everyone

  15. 1 FT, 5m itb. Was gonna BB but I might have to take a -12 at this rate.

  16. I have wc. Almiron/Bueno/ward to Bruno/Estupinan/Iversen is a -8

  17. Can't remember any benchings with 20+ hauls apart from Lundstram that is mentioned, but when Pep benched Aguero and I got a 1 pointer with him as captain one season I sold him cause I wanted out of the roulette. Aguero had only 1 return so far that season too and CL would start as well.

  18. His first year for Man United under Mourinho. 2017/2018 I think.

  19. Benchboost GW29 could be a disaster at this rate. I can really see it being 13 out of the 15 playing.

  20. As long as Rashford plays 1 minute his EO is probably still 70-100% so if you do not captain him it will probably not be too bad for rank. If you would bench him due to being a doubt that is risky as well if he actually play.

  21. Which are the most nailed Brighton picks for the last 3 doubles?

  22. Good budget pick, but I fear he will start max 4 out of those 6 games.

  23. The best fantasy player of possibly all time in FPL with a double.

  24. Agreed, just about hold onto Kane but you'd expect Spurs to have some sort of bounce.

  25. Yeah for most teams it make sense to hold Kane and then see what they can do in 33 or 34.

  26. Martinelli to Mitoma maybe or Gabriel to Shaw is the template move I say and quite sensible.

  27. Good idea, might go ddg and maddo now. Thanks for the advice

  28. Keep in mind that for Citys future doubles he might be back if you go Mahrez.

  29. Pickford, unfortunately thought him and Tark. Be good for the double and having Kepa as back up

  30. Absolutely, although the decision is tricky. Raya doesn’t have the best double or even games afterwards

  31. I think De Gea then makes sense unless you want Shaw over him. I prefer Shaw and you may want a spot for Bruno in the future.

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