1. I'm a grade 12 student currently with a 98 in English, anywhere from 88 to 93 (i know it's a large range, but we haven't gotten a lot of our marks back). Our math class has affected a lot of individuals, and if I was to get a 100 on my summative and 2nd part of restorative I'd only be able to get 84. I've applied to SYDE, Comp Sci (I know I won't get in, but my parents pushed).

  2. Generally speaking, the university gives very little shits about individual students unless something bad is explicitly brought to their attention (eg plagarism, cheating, or in your case, lying on AIF). They give even less of a shit about applications. Waterloo gets north of 100k applications per year, they're going to look at each application prima facie.

  3. Just to clarify, I’m not lying only my AIF and am actually listing my involvement in the club only until Grade 10. Although, I do see what you mean, there’s no way they have the time to verify every little extracurricular you list. However, those little extracurriculars you list hold very little importance and won’t push you over to getting accepted

  4. I was accepted to Waterloo CS with a 97% average 4 years ago. You have a good shot. Little side note because it says otherwise on the site... If you have less than 95% you're not even considered by the admissions team.

  5. I had similar stats to you, and I got rejected, so make of that what you will

  6. John is this you? Please don’t tell Katherine, pleaseeee! I’ll give you money just don’t tell her please 🙏 I said the cops thing out of anger, I’m sorry

  7. It’s okay to live with your parents until you are financially capable, don’t be embarrassed about that. However you should get a job, whether it be minimum wage or whatever. Stop obsessing over women, porn, sex, and the idea of getting a girlfriend. Your primary focus at the moment should be your work, going to the gym, your family, and improving yourself. After that should you only seek women. You’re mental and physical health will improve along the way

  8. If anyone has any ios app development experiences pm me for a well established opportunity working with a T10 university!

  9. No, they are usually a bit more expensive used. Try ordering in bulk. 👍

  10. Worry about your own application, this isn’t even worth posting about and it sounds like you’re just mad

  11. It’s not necessarily unhealthy for you, it’s just that studying that much is extremely inefficient. Studying about 5-8 hours should be the maximum. Spend the rest of the time going to the gym, spending time with family, reading, relaxing, and participating in extracurriculars. I’m currently 18 and had the same idea a few months ago when studying for my IB exams. However, studying 12 hours a day didn’t help me much more than studying 8 hours. I also felt emotional exhausted everyday when doing that.

  12. Running 5 km should take half an hour. But now you are sweaty.

  13. I already go for jogs in the morning, so I want to focus on weight lifting at lunch. I just can’t find the best 4 exercises for arms, back, chest, and legs to fit in an hour.

  14. There will always be people that are more experienced or qualified than you, just worry about yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Try to get a good GPA, go network, search for some hackathons, and build your skills and portfolio. Stop worrying and get after it, you’ve got this.

  15. “You will save at least 200-300 bucks a month” Is this true? Will I be able to find a one room en-suite bathroom within a 5 bedroom condo for $450-550 ? I just don’t think that’s true

  16. The 98% average is competitive for all of those UWaterloo programs. However, it is not uncommon for people with a 98% average to get rejected to UWaterloo CS, CFM, and CE. The extracurriculars are great, there's a lot of variety and a focus on Computer Science/Engineering. I believe you have a 75% chance at Waterloo CS, CFM, and CE. However, it is very difficult to get into these programs despite great extracurriculars and grades, so standing out with the essays and awards is what I think you should focus on. Good luck!

  17. The keyboard and headset look amazing, hopefully I get chosen 🙏

  18. Hey, I just saw the same notebooks on sale at Walmart for 15 cents. Just wanted to give you a heads up if you still needed notebooks lol. I bought 30 of them lol.

  19. I'm still working on my stock pile that I bought in like 2010...

  20. Lmaoo how many did you buy back then 💀 I use up like 16 notebooks a year, you must’ve bought a hundred or something 💀

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