1. Yes! Omg. I thought I was the only one. I had a surgery this year and met with my consultant several times (and then every day for a week post-surgery while I was inpatient) and I can relate to everything you said! She was only like 10 years older than me, and I couldn't work out if I wanted her to be my friend, mother, relative, ... it was so confusing. It happens with all kinds of people in my life - basically anyone older than me who shows a shred of care towards me. Sigh.

  2. Thank you for sharing, and I’m so sorry you experienced this too! It’s intense and really overwhelming. How did you resolve it? Just with time and distance away from that caretaker?

  3. Yeah - I was basically forced to. I was discharged from that department so unless the issue comes back or any complications, I won't be seeing that particular surgeon again! My attachment quickly jumps ship - I remain sad for a couple of weeks/months depending on the person and then my focus gets placed on someone else. Not in like a stalker-esque all-consuming way, but someone else kind of fills the hole she left. I haven't talked about this in therapy, but I have issues with both my parents so it makes sense that I have issues with attachment. I'm lucky that as I've gotten older, I can "hide" these issues and I don't overstep boundaries (as a teenager it was different).

  4. “You need rhinoplasty” is not an answer to the question “Am I ugly?”. Weirdo.

  5. And still it is being brutally honest. I'm only telling ways to fix her being ugly which I was litteraly impying. Go call out people weirdos on your snowflake, drama avoiding subreddits, this one is still about being brutally honest. People like you are the reson why

  6. OP stated that her rhinoplasty really " changed her face". I'm just disagreeing with that - to me, it looks fine in both pictures and the difference is minimal. If you disagree with my comment, cool. I wasn't insulting OP, the way you have tried to do to me across both of your comments. This sub is rife with people with body dysmorphia. Your way of viewing things/yourself/other people, is not the way all people view the same things. I don't know why you're trying to come for me when we just have differing opinions.

  7. I bet in turn the people in his life are also envious of his clients because they get to experience the “therapist” version of him. Someone who listens, is patient, validates, doesn’t argue, is always reasonable etc.

  8. This is too true! I've always felt this way towards teachers at school and university, wishing I knew them in a different way because of how well I think we would get along. A lot of my immediate family are teachers, and I imagine some of their students would feel the same way about them. I've always wondered what my family are like "as teachers" - we tend to put rose tinted glasses on when we have to "fill in the gaps" about other people (assuming what they're like in their personal lives), it's not all sunflowers and rainbows - and both "versions" of them are equally as interesting to know :)

  9. I do this in a way, I guess. For me, it's about control. You're making yourself really vulnerable and it's only natural that your brain wants to even the playing field.

  10. Oh wow! I have a constant monologue in my head - I’m not always talking to myself, but my mind replays conversations, lines from books, comes up with ideas/plans, sings songs. I have ADHD and it drives me up the wall sometimes - I wonder what the silence would be like 🫠

  11. I read the books when she still had dark hair so I always pictured someone like Hedy Lamarr and Gene Tierney.

  12. You're stunning! Try and look at your face as a whole rather than focusing on the features you don't like - no one is thinking about your nose as much as you are - they're thinking how pretty you are :)

  13. It could be that you don't eat enough, or not the right nutrients. You can track your daily meals on an app like Chronometer and see if you are missing important nutrients over a week, and then adapt your diet. Here are some general ideas:

  14. I would read into that as being neurodivergent in some way - autism/adhd. That's not to say you are, but that's where my mind would be going (as someone with diagnosed ADHD)

  15. You guys look like rays of sunshine!! And your side profile is gorgeous - no worries there! X

  16. Check out Dr Alan Gordon’s book “The Way Out” - he uses somatic tracking and has excellent results.

  17. Haha I just checked who I was talking to - I don't find your nose large either! :) Perception is a funny thing, and very individual. I guess we have different life experiences.

  18. But noses like OP’s are completely normal lol - the average person in the street doesn’t have a tiny pixie button nose. Like have you ever been to Italy or Greece? This is a totally average looking nose that suits her face. It’s not particularly big, and it’s not particularly small.

  19. Honestly you have such a gorgeous face that whatever nose you have could never detract from anything - it makes you just that little bit more interesting in all the best ways ❤️‍🔥

  20. a good mix of neoteny and sex appeal

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