1. Yeah I turned the sidetone function inside the JBL software to lvl1, it has stopped the problem. It's a really stupid method and I've sent a ticket in to JBL telling them the problem and the method of used to fix it.

  2. Yeah it's sad because MW19 was great and MWII has been a bit of a let down so far.

  3. I do kinda wanna go back to mw19 now, the number of fun maps in there was awesome. Despite the bugs I sank countless hours into it

  4. Wimbledon usually has good highlights

  5. They posted the Isner Mahut match in its entirety to mark the 10yr anniversary. That was good of them

  6. Problem isn't the screen, it's the faulty hinge design. A 2 foot fall onto carpet should not hinder the phone unusable.

  7. Idk I've dropped my phone multiple times off my couch onto hardwood floors and nothing has happened to it.

  8. For a small country (5.5m) they produce a large number of top drivers. I've heard their road driving standards are really robust, which makes sense considering how much the winter would be night-time ice driving.

  9. I remember when James May went to Finland in the TG days and was given a rally lesson by Mika, he showed how tough the driving test was for those getting their license.

  10. I think celebrations is iga, because my local iga uses the same staff for the booze shop, at least when they can

  11. My local iga has a bws next to it though, so it's not exclusively cellarbrations

  12. Can someone explain to me the relationship and dynamic between f1, the FIA, and Liberty media? Ive been watching f1 for a while now and I still dont quite get it

  13. F1 is the sport and brand name held under FOM, which is owned by Liberty Media. They control the commercial side of F1 such as broadcasters, teams entry, etc.

  14. UNSW is generally a bit better from what I've been told, but the extended travel time puts a lot of people off.

  15. Yeah, I like the riffs. Lyrics aren’t that great, but that goes for the whole album for the most part

  16. I'm the opposite, the lyrics of the St Anger album got me through some tough times more than other metallica albums.

  17. Anon can get and keep a GF. 99% of 4chan users have it worse.

  18. I live to witness Alpha Wolf's breakdowns live. They're absolutely crazy.

  19. From what I've read, Parkway absolutely blow bands out of the water with their stage presence.

  20. 3 great matches, and the final has a decent argument at being the greatest match of all time

  21. I tried that, the picture was taken with 1/200 shutter speed, any faster and the car blurs out too much.

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