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  1. Which service provides this data? I like seeing the trend of IV.

  2. Someone bought $178k worth of sep 23 $9 puts, $21k worth of sep 23 $8 puts, $17k worth of sep 30 $8.50 puts. So a pretty large short term bearish play. This position was entered exactly at the peak today of $8.20.

  3. Great analysis. As of this moment, we have the 50 day moving average at 8.80 and the 8 day at 8.49. Breaking both of those would be a buy signal, so makes sense that either something is betting that won't happen.. or doesn't want it to happen, yet.

  4. A cup and handle is a technical chart pattern that resembles a cup and handle where the cup is in the shape of a "u" and the handle has a slight downward drift. A cup and handle is considered a bullish signal extending an uptrend, and it is used to spot opportunities to go long.

  5. Did you just ignore the part where it say "The pattern's formation may be as short as seven weeks or as long as 65 weeks."?

  6. Sure you drew lines from the peak of about $30 to the right. And you called that a bullish indicator . If you drew lines from the peak to the left I I'm wondering if you would consider that a bearish indicator?

  7. As I understand this you say the decrease in volume and the decrease in distance between ask bid is bullish? An increase in volume with an increased spread is bearish?

  8. I'm not referring to the bid-ask. Only about the price of the underlying security over time and the volume that security trades during that timeframe.

  9. This is just a poll of retail investors, which means there's a tremendous amount of bias toward the green side of things. Further, there's not even a listing of how many participants so it's impossible to know if this function comes close to statistical relevancy.

  10. I have nothing to lose. This year alone I lost both my parents, I have no siblings, no friends. I actually live in my car to save up this much because Cali is a meme when it comes to renting. But yah I got into deep depression, nothing in life matters for me anymore. If this goes well, I might get an apartment for a while and chill while leukemia kills me slowly… :) You’re looking at someone who’s seen the end of the road and wouldn’t care for the bad anymore. But I do wish everyone good luck on their positions! ❤️

  11. This means virtually nothing. That just reflects that there's almost no trading happening on those strikes because they are so far below the spot price. The high percentage change ones also have zero bids, which is why the percentage is so high. % change might as well say infinity because there's just no liquidity there.

  12. I'm not that much into options, so could you please elaborate more how zero bids equal a high % change?

  13. I'm functionally saying that data point is usually pointless. Just look at OI, Volume, and the Greeks for options.

  14. Your rounding is poor. It's -638M, which is more efficiently as "How did GME lose $638 million.." or if you must round, just say "nearly $650 million."

  15. An I think the shorts are in Max pain at $8 and above so they would want to keep below that.

  16. This guys right. Max Pain refers to the price that affects puts and calls equally. I.e - if it closes at $8.50 that will be best for the Market Maker. Price tends to move towards that range. Next week it’s at $12 😎.

  17. That's right. It's is the theory that price will move to the point of maximum pain, where the most options expire worthless.

  18. That's hardly more than a single year of a tax write-off. You gotta pump those numbers up, rookie.

  19. It's been that way since Feb '21. If you don't mind owning the stock at a specific price, why not take advantage of earning premium along the way when it's that high.

  20. this just says there are many market makers.. instead of a DMM

  21. Multiple market makers is actually good because when they have to buy they are then competing against each other.

  22. He sold 42,500 shares august 16, the biggest squeeze day probably averaging 27 a share.

  23. I mean... a MUCH better idea with that kind of life changing wealth is to sell a shit ton of cash secured puts, make immediate premium, and hang out.

  24. As of 12:10 EST, were only seeing 10,391 of volume on the 9/2 $10C strike. Why the inconsistency? Surely given the time of this post the data would have updated. Were the calls purchased on 8/31, actually? Cant see the timestamp on the image for these calls, but can for the 9/16s

  25. So, how does this all work? Price was between 11.50-15.50 yesterday, 8/30. Around 6:20am EST, an undisclosed offering is announced. Price drops to 9.50 and slightly rebounds to 10.61.

  26. Nevermind. I'm reading the doc more closely and finding that it's an average of prior days trading.

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