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  1. The Old Penitentiary is a very cool and weird excursion if you don't mind walking around in the cold.

  2. *Doing anything in Idaho during the winter....that is if you don't mind the cold.

  3. Is this the one that had the show with one of the 80s hair bands playing? White Lion, I think? If so, I saw video of it, and it is devastating to watch.

  4. Never. Landlords already know you will pay it and what other option do you have? Capitalism baby!

  5. I just put down my sweet boy last week and got relinquished his ashes. It's still gut wrenching to know that when I'm feeling sad, he isn't going to put his head into my chest and comfort me. Just knowing that I spent 12 good years with him keeps me afloat.

  6. Also, Val Kilmer sightings at the neurolux. No one actually ever sees him but we all hear about him being there. It's quite the mystery.

  7. Val used to go to Elmer's below the depot back in the late 2000s early 2010's. He has family that lives here from what I heard. My ex-husband has met/seen Kilmer a few times.

  8. Mountain Pine Dermatology - had my basal cell carcinoma surgery done there.

  9. There goes the air quality. Oh wait, it already kinda sucked.

  10. Idaho has some of the worst air quality, period. Doesn't matter the season, it's always hot/cold garbage. I remember in the summer of 2012, there were so many fires that I don't really recall seeing blue skies until a few days before I got married in August that year.

  11. Those legs are in a chair while he's getting wheeled away 😂😂

  12. 44° North has made vodka seltzers, their huckleberry lemonade in cans.

  13. I didn’t know you could tour water plants! That’s so cool! Although the one I grew up by is pretty much universally hated lol

  14. I just moved to a new area so I’ll have to check out if there’s any water plants near me! But no, it’s hated because I used to live near Flint, MI. That plant caused so many issues for so many people and the higher ups there hid it for years.

  15. I was not expecting that answer from you. I even work in an environmental compliance laboratory and knowing how long that the issues and poisoning of the drinking water in Flint has been going on for is not only heartbreaking but so incredibly fucked up.

  16. Yen Ching is good but I wouldn’t agree with the dim sum being great. Bao (next door) had some good stuff that was more dim sum oriented but shit down I believe.

  17. How is even even allowed to still run for governor after being arrested at the same place hed have to work at.... 😮‍💨

  18. I looooove hiking in the barren foothills without shade and for the chance if I sneezed I could start a fire. 😐

  19. lol she’s obviously talking about farther up into the tree line around/beyond Bogus, but I agree that the foothills are overrated.

  20. I'd die if she was straight up talking about the foothills, knowing full well she was meaning up towards Bogus and behind. Still funny as fuck though to think about.

  21. Funny I got one today too for FAAAAAR less than you did. I just there confused staring at my phone.

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