1. I was there before it was stricken down, ‘twas a sad day most certainly

  2. That’s incredibly impressive, did you make the files for it or did you find them somewhere?

  3. Kobeni fans and “Kobeni fans” are two very different groups of people

  4. Two leman Russ tanks and a scout vehicle killed a titan on tallarn

  5. I would love to read this, what's it in?

  6. Get shot down by a AA missile in my early ww2 bomber while playing naval battles with early ww2 ships

  7. Love that museum, haven’t been back in a while, but it’s good to sea the tarps are gone.

  8. Look, no phones, just happy people living in the moment

  9. Wait there’s a little dude in the chicken walker?

  10. I feel like a switch port makes more sense, because it has sticks and buttons

  11. Factorio, they either become slaved to the factory or get hit by a train.

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