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  1. Please smoke this bro. You’re stupid and I honestly don’t care if you end up in the hospital.

  2. Perfecting a standing Ollie makes it a lot easier to have a head start on a rolling one.

  3. Wrong. Once you can land 3 in a row you roll out. Learning rolling is a much different feel timing and weight adjustment and you are only holding yourself back staying in one spot for longer than needed. What do I know I just did the same standing still crap for far to long and held myself back. Matter of fact don’t listen to me listen to your heart. The corazon never lies amigo

  4. Well I do agree that both are different but you need to know how to crawl before you can walk. Same thing with skating.

  5. As I got towards the end of college presentations definitely still gave me anxiety and I always had a shakey voice but I just tried to be confident because it didn’t matter that much. A good tip is to try to be one of the first to present because no one will remember if you made any mistakes by the end.

  6. On top of that you don’t have to be scared the whole class because you get it over with.

  7. When he threw the thing at the dog that’s where I shoot him in the fucking skull.

  8. What the heck is wrong with you? Im trying to fix this to not cause a fps drop for my friends too

  9. Do y’all not know that even if the window cracks there is still a layer of plastic on the outside. Also even if there was no window there it wouldn’t do anything.

  10. You can actually buy these spheres that you put in the freezer and they get nice and cold, then you put them in some room temp water in the bong and they stay cold.

  11. Or... You know... Focus on identifying the source of your mental health problems.

  12. It’s weed lol. More specifically, carts(yes I know they are trash) I’ve been smoking constantly 24/7 every chance I got and even when I was sober I didn’t feel sober. I think weed was stopping me from doing anything that was exciting or important so I’m going to quit for a year and see how much I can improve my life. Then, I will come back to smoking(flower) and do it in moderation.

  13. Weed may very well be a contributing factor, but these issues don't normally come out of nowhere and most people don't experience them. There's no reason not to use the time to also examine other issues that may be contributing, and a professional opinion could be very helpful.

  14. Idk tho. My life is pretty easy tbh. Stable income, decent house, no family issues. I don’t have anything to be sad about and yet here I am

  15. Mmm yum. Micro bits of glass slowly causing internal bleeding in my lungs, causing inflammation and allowing blood and puss to fill my arteries. Sign me up.

  16. I still smoke it. I’m 29. The haze is starting to clear and I’m starting to worry about throat cancer

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