1. Dear God I remember her being very popular in 2014. I didn’t know she still was

  2. Im excited to see the girls from Clayton’s season! Not thrilled about Shanae, but maybe she’s not that bad 😂


  4. Is it me or has this season been very underwhelming with men drama and flooded with the men being men and making the girls insecure simply because there’s 2 of them

  5. Didn’t care for the section of the show where they interviewed the kids and their friends. Especially grossed out when Ethan and his friend from Columbia were smoking those stinking cigars in the living room. I guess they think they are “cool.”

  6. Yeah I stopped watching 40 minutes in. It was painful after 15 minutes and I love this show 😂

  7. I love it on her! I thought I wasn’t seeing things😂

  8. He called her “suz” last week. I think she’s the one

  9. Yesss I had the same issue in Chicago trying to get to any 5 dc area airports for a dr appt and it’s just a humble reminder that you basically have to use non revving for going wherever there happens to be open space

  10. I’ve never judged anyone in first class. You see a lot of things as an fa and honestly someone not being in a suit doesn’t make them stick out. It’s sad people feel self conscious after paying all that money

  11. Either the producers are making him keep her around, or (the most likely scenario) Clayton’s blinded by her tongue weaving through his insides

  12. Mine is the bachelor and I’m glued to the tv. I hate this hyper fixation more than anything

  13. What should I expect for new hire training at Piedmont? I know they’re a small regional airline, but any tips. I’m already a licensed flight attendant so I know about avoiding drama and having good study habits etc. how big are the classes, what is the dynamic between instructors & students, etc. looking for any tips and info!

  14. I swear I heard Shanae say that Elizabeth is fake, not fat.

  15. I’m so sorry I know this is extremely hard. My family had a Christmas Eve appetizer get together tonight and not a thing was gluten free. It’s kinda hard sometimes

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