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  1. For an actual answer, people realize their lives suck, the country sucks and everything is only getting worse. They remember it being better and they want things fixed.

  2. Yep. In short, people wanted something different after decades of the same shit. Different wasn't better.

  3. Ah, so it's U.S exclusive. Should've guessed.

  4. You can buy them. They're limited-availability charity things.

  5. You know what’s terrifying? Look at the politics sub. Look at the people stuck in traffic with you. Look at the guy out of his mind on meth walking on the shoulder of the freeway. All of their votes count.

  6. I am not crazy! I know they changed those damage values! I knew it was 2-3 bullets. One after 1-2. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. They - they covered their tracks, they got that idiot on stream to lie for them. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? They've done worse. That ping! Are you telling me that a game just happens to queue to other servers like that? No! They orchestrated it! Activision! They filed a patent for it! And I paid them! And I shouldn't have. I took them into my own library! What was I thinking? They'll never change. They'll never change! Ever since Black Ops 2, always the same! Couldn't keep their hands out of the microtransactions! But not our Infinity Ward! Couldn't be precious Infinity Ward! Stealing us blind! And they get to have the biggest launch!? What a sick joke! I should've stopped them when I had the chance! And you - you have to stop them! You-

  7. A ton of redditors read the second amendment for the first time this year and seriously thought "Holy shit! Everyone had it wrong for the past 230 years!"

  8. That’s one of the cooler looking skins. I’ve yet to try dmz, I heard it was pretty punishing on solos

  9. You can solo most of the faction missions pretty easily, but getting the weapon cases to unlock this skin is brutal.

  10. Soap: Found a tripwire rigged to a shotgun. Disarmed it, took the gun.

  11. Yeah, it needs to give you want you lost if you crash. Or at the very least let you reconnect with your team and get it back. You are locked form joining anyone in DMZ.

  12. Unfortunately people would just force a crash/server disconnect as a free and instant extraction, ruining the entire point of the game mode.

  13. Fun fact, AI "art" uses the art of actual people without their permission and is thus art theft

  14. All art uses the art of other people. Nothing creative is made in a vacuum.

  15. Ai art does not take inspiration it LITERALLY SAMPLES the art of actual people without permission

  16. It doesn't though. It looks at like a million drawing of, for instance, a dog, learns what a dog is, and then tries to recreate it from scratch. It's not just splicing images together like someone using photoshop.

  17. Nah, there are some things that are very hard to predict. Like the juggernaut with the weapon case being around the wrong corner and insta-killing you. Or turning down the wrong street and your jeep getting immediately shredded by 15 armored enemies. Or having to extract in the middle of an open field with AI randomly spawning around you.

  18. That’s the point - you can’t just blindly press W and expect success in a game mode like DMZ. If you turn a corner and get destroyed by a juggernaut, it’s your fault for not checking that corner first

  19. No, I mean you check the corner and he instantly takes your head off. The reaction time on some of the enemies is insane.

  20. I've seen multiple people say "This game sucks. I'm just going to get Orion and go back to Cold War." That's like 200 hours of gameplay lol.

  21. There are no truly good billionaires. You have to take advantage of systems that are essentially built on slavery to even come close to that rich. Billionaires can and have done good, but there are no good billionaires as long as they are billionaires.

  22. Devil's advocate here, wouldn't it be better, theoretically, to allow your enormous wealth to generate interest every year and donate that to charity rather than a lump sum? In fact, wouldn't it be best for yourself and for the charities if you could grow that wealth, get more from it year over year and donate larger and larger amounts, all without touching the principle?

  23. For me it's unlocked but I don't have the blueprint in MP.

  24. It would be cool if it was like 50% damage reduction on your back. It's pretty annoying that people run it just for back protection.

  25. Make it to where bullets "ricochet" off the inside of their shield when facing you. In other words, make their hitbox the size of a fridge.

  26. You can also get an AQ AK blueprint for getting 100 stars in spec ops.

  27. If theres a WW3, What is the probability of survival for ordinary people?

  28. For the average person outside the immediate blast radius, pretty high. Especially if they're given a few minutes warning and have access to a basement or storm shelter. The hard part would be a shortage of food, water, and electricity from destroyed infrastructure. Also risk of cancer would be much higher later in life, but it's not like your flesh would immediately melt off your bones.

  29. Does Shadow Company even still exist? They took pretty huge losses in the campaign and totally abandoned Al Mazrah.

  30. I have a bk code looking to trade if anyone has extra jack link codes!

  31. Yes still looking for 4 codes! If I get the skin on the first code I won't need the rest.

  32. I'm talking about new games entirely, not rounds. The kills carrying over from rounds is normal. Match to match is clearly a glitch/error.

  33. So if you're one away from a chopper gunner and the match ends, then get 1 kill the next match in a new lobby, you will earn the kill streak with this glitch?

  34. No. But if you have, for example, 49 out of 50 longshots for a camo challenge, and you get a longshot after the match has ended and someone has already won, it will count towards the challenge. It did in MW19, at least.

  35. Unrelated but there were challenges for Multiplayer and Spec Ops you could do in MW2019 to earn blueprints. Anyone know if its returning?

  36. I haven't seen anything about it. There are supposed to be a lot of blueprints to unlock in DMZ though.

  37. Shipment extended was amazing in Mw19. I greatly preferred that over shoot the ship because it felt like I got shoothouse 80% of the time.

  38. Also Grind matches lasted like 90 seconds on Shipment when it wasn't the extended playlist. Felt like a waste of time.

  39. Pour some sugar on me. Those lyrics went right over me when I was a kid

  40. When I was in high school, the cheerleaders did a routine to this song. They did the classic stripper hair flip and everything.

  41. Hot Take: The Red parts of the FJX Cinder Vault Edition Weapon Blueprint should have remained red when a Camo is Applied to make the blueprint stand out more with Camos.

  42. Can they? I tried using Union Guard attachments on a default M4 and couldn't find the option, let alone on other guns.

  43. It was decent for getting longshots in MW19. On shoothouse, at least.

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