1. With swan-like grace and lightning speed…he loses half his social credit points.

  2. Do all you guys think Australia is the 51st US state?

  3. 51st state? No…more like a comedy version of the UK, with better flora and fauna.

  4. Stop being a cunt and trying to impose ur cultural standards on other nations. Fuck off.

  5. Of the four Qs on hand I've turned my Ceroma into a top reach simply by using 4mm Zr02 (alumina ceramic) and the ceramic bowl. Its production is noticeably beating out rubies & SiC heads, (incredible). That's ceramic on ceramic on ceramic. My best ride so far. I got the Zr02 Zirconia/ebay 4wks (china).

  6. It (Zr02's) definitely delivers a harder hit and is surprisingly smooth for the amount it delivers. This morning I swapped 4mm to 3mm (ceroma) for taste and yes it kicks ass all the way around. Reasoning for Zr02's: white is a reflector that seems to work more effectively than the dark sics or the shinny reds, lol. Hope you give it a try?

  7. Sooooooo I did try it. First I packed it entirely with the ceramic balls and found the temperature dip and recovery time increased more than I would have liked. Removed about a quarter of the ceramic balls and put a layer of rubies in the middle (around the coil area) with ceramic above and below. Now it’s performing the way it did with rubies, but tastes better and feels smoother.

  8. Is that stereo matrix from SamL glass on Dhgate? I have one and cannot dial the water fill correctly. Looks like you have the bottom chamber filled and then half way on the top. Is that right?

  9. There seem to be several versions of the stereo matrix. This was from a different vendor and it can handle a pretty wide variety of water levels.

  10. I think I speak for everyone here when I say thank you for being on the front lines with new Qaroma products. That gemstone chamber looks freakin enormous compared to the regular T-Lite.

  11. It is pretty enormous! I’ve never stretched a coil this much before 😂

  12. I would have articulated it differently but the message would still be “fuck trudeau”

  13. So apparently, Leo Fender, thought bass players would play electric bass with your thumb like an upright bass. Turns out he was wrong.

  14. what’s the big thing you stuck in the beginning?

  15. So did they just lengthen the tube to fit more rubies? Looks nice and powerful.

  16. Yes it’s significantly longer, now holds about 300 3mm balls

  17. Thé camerawoman has won m’y heart with her articulate narration

  18. Alright, so I know dynavaps, I know volcanos, that kind of shit. Is that a ball vape you’re putting over the banger? I’ve never understood how these work. Are the glass beads inside the unit and the heat just travels down to the herb to vape it or is there something else goin on?

  19. Yes that’s a ball vape and it sounds like you already have a good understanding of the concept behind them 👍

  20. Dope! Honestly, that was just a best guess. Do you have any brands you would recommend staying away from? I did a quick Google search after seeing your post and saw the same brand you’re using for a few hundred. Is that a typical point of entry for a rig like that, or is that a bit more on the high end scale? What makes one ball vape perform better than the next?

  21. $200-300 is the low end of the price range for ball vapes. Performance depends on lots of factors, but flavor, speed of extraction, and evenness of roast are the criteria by which I judge them

  22. Have you tried a 24 hour soak in something like 710 Solution? Or at least a long iso soak?

  23. Gotcha! Thanks for the explanation. I’m thinking of getting one but wanted to make sure it could dab easily while vaping the flower

  24. I have a flowerpot B2 and I prefer the Taroma or Taroma Lite for double deckers, personally. The b2’s dish does not get hot enough for my tastes, so it’s either scorch your herb or waste some oil. The balls in the housing are much closer to coil temperature so t hits harder and there’s less waste

  25. Gotcha! That’s good advice cause yeah I was considering the flower pot as well. I know they have a clear looking ceramic attachment called either Qaroma or Ceroma or something like that. I watched review that said one is better for flavor. Have any experience with these?

  26. Calm down everyone, that’s the hooker’s kids

  27. My MAN! You were part of the people that convinced me to get a Taroma. I fuckin love it. Thanks m8

  28. The XL is a whole nother realm. Highly recommended. The 2.0 does cut through herb better and provides a better night time hit when compared to tlite. What I'd like to know is the difference between og and 2.0. Anyone?

  29. I have both and they are very similar. The v2 requires slightly hotter temperatures as it needs to heat the additional balls in the injector below the coil.

  30. If you don’t want to waste your dab, dial in your temperature to where you require 3-4 hits to fully extract your herb. If you like your dab at hotter temperatures use a “tall” bowl, it’ll require approximately 30 degrees more to achieve the same results. Double deckers are fun but are no substitute for a dedicated dab rig.

  31. Finally found your new posts again! lol I like to live vicariously through your posts because you have, seemingly, all of the top tier desktops. I only do a “bowl” or two through my TM2 or Dyna at night, so I won’t let myself get a desktop because I think it’ll be overkill and a waste.

  32. I disagree. Ball vapes drastically reduced my weed consumption. It takes FOUR bowls in my mighty to get me where ONE bowl (0.15g) consumed with a ball vape gets me.

  33. That controller has a different pin configuration on the connector. You need a different coil or a different PID.

  34. What is this black clip called that is holding the pass through adapter?

  35. This is so true redditors will find any reason to not validate your argument even if your being nice and respectful they will point out grammar and punctuation issues and even sometimes look at other posts and bring that into it

  36. You’re wrong, and you should have used some commas.

  37. Wow dude. Well I went and looked through your comments and 6 years ago you said something I didn't like, and that ckearly makes you a racist and a nazi.

  38. Have you considered bitching about it on reddit?

  39. She’s only a few screams away from showing him the error of his ways

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