1. Yeah, happyjagabee does charge a little extra than but the price doesn't really be that far off. Bape always be sold out of a lot shit I like then I'll find it on happyjagabee I think that's why they tax more

  2. Are u serious? they sell fake and 80% of the items r overpriced 🤣

  3. Hard to tell would need to see in person.. new bape isn’t like the old bape

  4. What you tryna ride my dick too now faggot🤡 hop off the net bum you have no friends

  5. 🤣🤣🤣I lost my virginity before my nuts dropped you prolly can’t say the same cuz you get absolutely 0 bitches go watch another how to kiss video school shooter

  6. L, personally im using a fb group called bape legit check worldwide.. try it

  7. Thanks man. Any reason you think it’s legit?

  8. Yeah I thought the face looked a little weird. Sucks too cuz they got 20k followers and a physical store, wanted to give em the benefit of the doubt.

  9. @victoriavintage_ on ig. They've had plenty of real (at least to my eyes) stuff before so it's possible this was just beyond their area of expertise?

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