1. Zombies in this game is absolutely garbage. I hated outbreak in cold war. So them on releasing round based for 2 maps when the game is pretty much done was a no for me. Also I have horrible internet. "I can't get better because I live in the middle of nowhere with woods surrounding me." So I only have 1 choice for internet and they only offer 1 speed. So I don't really have a choice. But since I have garbage internet I play zombies solo so I don't have to worry about stuttering or network connection. Except someone thought it would be a good Idea to make zombies online at all times even when playing solo. So for me with crappy internet I'm stuck with an unplayable mess that stutters or lags constantly. Even when I have nothing else in my house using the internet but this one game. So I maybe played zombies 5 times until the archon came out. Then I actually played it a ton just to finish my battle pass because I got tired of the broken multiplayer.

  2. For some reason my game only stutters when I first load in the map. I'll go from having 130 fps down to about 70 fps. So I'll kill myself with a semtex at the beginning of the game. Then my game will go back to 130fps and work fine. That happens in pretty much every game. The game is unplayable until I get at least 1 death then it starts working perfectly...

  3. I pre ordered the gold edition and got it heavily discounted before it even came out from greenmangaming. I usually use g2a or gmg to find games cheaper rather than wait for sales elsewhere. But epic is a legitimate seller. I have hundreds of games on there. The free ones and I also bought a ton of games to support them.

  4. I agree this shipment is horrible. Because of the spawns and I hate the visibility. I wish it was during the day not at night making it easier to see enemies.

  5. I’m not sure why but I had the opposite experience of vanguard shipment spawns after they fixed it in season 2. I felt like both teams had more map control on each side, of course you were able to get out of the map but it was easy to kill them.

  6. Shipment was the only game mode I ever played in vanguard through the last season to do the battle pass because I didn't care for the game. I can tell you the spawns never got fixed. I guarantee you if you go play it right now you will still spawn in a group of enemies. I played the game about two weeks ago and the spawns were still broken like that.

  7. I had that issue yesterday on pc. But for me it was in the middle of my screen because I have an ultrawide monitor. So I had to restart the game all together and mute everyone in settings for it to go away and stay out of my view.

  8. I don't know what's causing it but it's happening to me also. I will join a game with 35ish ping then in the middle of the game my ping will say 999 and be unplayable. I'm the only one on my internet so there's no reason for these spikes. But it's been happening pretty much every game.

  9. I don't really care if people don't move. My biggest complaints are when people put barricades in the containers. I destroy them every time I see them. I also hate the grenade spam. The flashes kill my eyes and people are spamming them left and right. It's either that or there are stupid shock grenades everywhere.

  10. I agree I play the game in a dark room. So pretty much the only light is my game. When I get flashed it kills my eyes. Especially on shipment going from super dark to bright white instantly.

  11. There is a hud setting for horizontal and vertical percentage. It will effect your map location though.

  12. Okay my issue is just that the mic names are pretty much in the middle of my screen. I even tried muting everyone in the settings. But it still shows the names of people who talked in a previous game in my view. The names shown on screen aren't even people in the lobby with me. But according to my game they are talking at all times...

  13. Oh sorry, I misunderstood. That sounds like a bad glitch. Does restarting help?

  14. I completely restarted my game and it went away. But if I actually want to hear what my team is saying and unmute people it does the exact same thing. The names pop up in the middle of my screen and once the game is over the names stay up on my screen until I completely restart the game.

  15. I haven't played portal since the week the game launched. I got tired of having only a knife and playing against a team of 3 or 4 enemies with actual weapons. That seemed to be every lobby so I haven't tried portal since.

  16. When the game first launched every lobby claimed to be tdm. But it was knives only for your team but everyone on the enemy team had actual guns. So it was just a game mode for them to farm easy kills and xp. That's why the xp for portal was originally capped. I don't know if it still is.

  17. I just want a standard team death match playlist because I hate getting destroyed on spawn by helicopters. Over and over again. I also want more rockets or rpgs to take out vehicles. I'd also prefer for them to be in the secondary slot like they are in call of duty. I never use my pistol anyway. So I'd just keep an rpg on all my load outs. Because I'd like to be able to have an ammo crate to restock myself and a rocket to take out all the vehicles everywhere.

  18. I uninstalled mw19. It has been my favorite cod game in forever. But the game getting sabotaged to get people playing the new cod really annoyed me. So I uninstalled 2019. I only play shipment anymore because I like the chaos. So them removing the shipment extended playlist was enough for me to say screw this game I'm done. If they would bring back our playlists then I would reinstall the game. But I'm not stupid. I know the game won't be updated, the devs will leave the game as is just to keep people from playing this game and hopefully they will spend $70-100 on the new cod.

  19. did you ever figure out the problem? i remember having the same issue in mw2019 for a shot time and now i am having it again in mw2022 but cant remember what fixed it...

  20. Maybe try using compressed air to clean the switches for your left and right mouse button. If you don't have that then try blowing through the gaps to get some dust of the switches. That's about all that you can do. I never got it fixed but for some reason my fire button works perfectly but now I randomly stop aiming down sight when holding the right mouse button. When I want to play a fps game I just switch to a backup mouse. For some reason I only have issues clicking in call of duty or battlefield. Every other game I play works perfectly.

  21. It still crashes for me. My game on pc I'm usually getting 130-120fps. Earlier today I was playing a game and I had an invisible enemy vehicle spawn in. I was right next to it. It wasn't doing damage to me. But I knew it was there because I could see the vehicles health bar. Around the time that invisible vehicle spawned in my fps took a massive hit. I'm talking about from 130fps all the way to 20-1fps. My frames wouldn't go above 20 and I also noticed some of my teammates floating-walking in the sky. Right when I noticed that my game crashed. So yeah the game has still been a glitchy mess for me.

  22. Try deleting the game, never reinstalling, and play anything else but this dead pile of shit

  23. If this game sucks so much why are you on the games thread wasting your time reading about it? I agree a couple weeks ago I thought it was a horrible game. That I only played 4 times since launch because I preordered the gold edition of the game. But now I'm enjoying breakthrough and occasionally playing breakthrough solo against ai in the past 2 weeks I've played over 30 hours, the games really not that bad right now. My only complaints are we need more rpg's to take down helicopters easier. Also I want a simple team death match playlist since it's my favorite game mode.

  24. Does origin have a way to check and remove corrupt files?

  25. The only way I know how to is to right click on the game tile in my games and click on repair the game. Then it will scan your entire game and try to repair anything files that are corrupt or missing. But I had to repair my game a couple of weeks ago just to get it to launch. So that shouldn't have been my issue.

  26. That’s like round 100. Not too hard

  27. Round 100's are actually pretty difficult. I've tried multiple times. But I couldn't get past 87 any of those times. Not because I died but because after playing 4 or so hours to get to that point my game kept crashing in solo. So I never managed to get a round 100. Even though I attempted it at least 25 times while I was grinding getting my guns to dark aether.

  28. Mine is only 48Gb's. I was going to play the game today to work on getting dark aether for the UGR because it's one of the last guns I have left. But I'm not going to download a 50 gig update for a game I hardly ever play.

  29. I'm 100% not going to buy this game after playing the beta. This game pisses me off. Plain and simple, I'm usually at the top of the leader boards in vanguard, mw19, or even cold war I have about a 2 kd in those games. But this game I'm always going negative. The ttk is way too fast. On my screen it looks like I get hit one time and die. But watching the killcams it usually shows 5-7 hits. The only fun I'm having with this beta is the game mode with people and ai's. But I'm not going to buy this game for that one game mode. Also I hated in 2019 how stuns prevented you from turning at all with kbm. I'm not happy at all that is back in this game. I get flashes causing your vision to be screwed up. But not allowing me to turn at all in a game with this high of ttk is just complete bullshit.

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