1. It does hurt extremely much sometimes but ending your life because you're feeling lonely is a huge mistake. Trust me, however bad your life right now, you will thank me years down the line.

  2. Are you like around 30? I think it's around this age that everyone just leaves you, moves away, marries someones and just forget about you. All you have at this point is like the people you see at work, but if you work remotely then that's a no go either. Exceptions are the people with social skills who can easily talk to anyone.

  3. I don't like at all because there are no clues. Does this mean you now have to push every rock to check?

  4. Dude, this is for game development, not for videos taken in real life ;)

  5. There are girls that prefer guys like that too man, maybe be harder to find but all traits/types are wanted

  6. I have had 2 girls that said to me that they like that I am feminine, I don't really like that statement but it's good that they do then :)

  7. If we didn’t knock on doors I’m curious how favorable we would be

  8. Should be said if it's about supporting their message or just having nothing against a group. Because viewing atheists favorably could otherwise mean that we like that they don't believe... which is wrong

  9. When you want to operate the camera in positions that makes it hard for you or impossible to see the original display.

  10. Emphasis on "looks cooler". Does it actually help with much of anything? Probably not.

  11. It's a pretty good solution for blocking light out too but yes, the cool look is definitely a big reason :)

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