1. He would be an OK signing, should chip in with at least 10 league goals if he plays regularly, which is not an option we have if DCL continues to be crocked.

  2. Lol he’s shite proper Everton that you’d think Dyche of all people would know he’s useless

  3. I do miss one thing about Lampard and that’s his unbelievable ability to convince players to come to Everton

  4. Yeah we’re gonna get relegated cos we didn’t spend £5m on a 30 year old, 4th choice CB. Get a grip

  5. People go on about how kenwright has destroyed the standards are club should have then go and beg for us to sign Conor coady like he is anywhere good enough

  6. Would love Tammy Abraham at Everton never going to happen like but a man can dream

  7. Onana is a strange man acts like he’s some kind of die hard but seems like a proper mercenary too me what does he mean #imout he’s no where good enough for any champions league clubs

  8. He’s a Belgian footballer. They chat shit constantly, best to ignore it

  9. What terrible Everton player who we’ve had on the books for years stealing a living have you forgotten about?

  10. I don’t see why where such favourites to stay up when it comes down to it when it’s so close at the bottom

  11. Don’t know why o thought he was about to promote some crypto scam or something

  12. Anybody ever think what the club would be like if we had kept the 2013/14 badge

  13. The amount ot blues online who chat the most shit acting like their some expert because they’ve made a google search pisses me off like fuck have they even heard of 777 before a couple of weeks ago

  14. You know what them lads who surrounded Gordon’s car have done more good for the club than kenwright ever could

  15. Simms only getting starts against Liverpool and United bit unfair on the lad if he’s absent again

  16. Anyone know is Mitrovic has been given his ban yet ? I’ve not seen anything you’d think they’d have done it considering Fulham play on Saturday.

  17. There's really not much evidence at all for why spending a fortune on getting a manager is ever worth it despite what the 'smart' pundits/fans insist.

  18. Obviously their are good and bad managers but I think it comes down to luck and environment the majority of the time If a manager does well at a job

  19. France I'd say Saint Etienne... even though they yo yo a lot.

  20. Saint Etienne are tied for the most titles in France bit of a disservice to them

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