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  1. I get super social as long as I don’t drink too much then I can shut down but my filter is always in place despite people around me acting like idiots. I just enjoy watching them act stupid lol

  2. The rock, via Amazon. Better than evolution and might be cheaper too

  3. The User need to realize that Drug abuse is deadly, what else can I say?

  4. I think this whole post shows that they understand drug abuse is deadly

  5. just waited too long to harvest. also no offense but you shouldn’t open your tub around so much garbage/dirt. you’re just inviting bacteria in.

  6. Yeah you’re right I shouldn’t have I just noticed it and opened it lol. That’s weird though because earlier this morning the veil didn’t even look like it was separating, thanks for the info

  7. there’s also a ton of exposed grain that hasn’t been broken up. what was your process you did here?

  8. It was in a grow bag and I took it out of the grow bag after the first few were about the drop spores and it was super stuck together so I didn’t want to ruin the ones that were already growing

  9. What was the post that made you realize this gets posted daily? This one

  10. I think a lot of kids are adorable and I love spending time with them while others are just absolutely stupid lol

  11. steam button + x and spam whatever U a bunch. X out of the keyboard and tap everyone then hit steam + x and type your message

  12. It was for me, but it’s not for everyone

  13. What drone has that kind of range? Cause I want one

  14. Well, one wrong move and that drone is smashed to smithereens so… ye

  15. Speaking as an FPV pilot, this doesn’t belong on this sub

  16. How has nobody mentioned Nintendo’s support? I’ve had a lot of these issues over the years with them (siblings buying games on my account when I was younger and even playing them) got a refund on every single one, almost a dozen times over the years. They ended up blocking transactions on the account PERIOD (blacklisted because apparently my mom who’s card it was also filed chargebacks lol) and I didn’t notice until months later. Hadn’t bought anything. After a couple hour phone call they got it all cleared up. Kudos to them for sure

  17. For the people who had to look twice before understanding that it was a game : I would really like to know what are the moments/details that breaked the realism and made you change your mind?

  18. Muzzle flashes, otherwise, holy fuck good work

  19. Naw Ik imma see some scary shit but at the same time worst case scenario is 15 min of hell. Hope i don’t get sum lil nas X demon tryna fuck w me but been reading about the jesters and other “entities” all in all I think I have the right mindset for my mission and hope lady salvia is a bit nicer to me :)

  20. You really don’t understand just how overwhelming it can be

  21. Current: Cashier. Dream: Screenwriter

  22. Tons of people are saying they’re great for Airplay, and while that’s true most modern tv’s have Airplay built it. And if not, buy a Roku, even models as cheap as $60 support Airplay

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