1. Sure Wisconsin avenue is a 6 lane road (doesn’t need to be). But on the other side of that is a residential street with multi million dollar homes. The areas surrounding pike and rose is office complex, strip malls, and whatever those small brick businesses that aren’t quite manufacturing but like car mechanics and cabinets and stuff.

  2. Agreed. Those who drive everywhere may not understand just how much more walkable downtown Bethesda is. When I was looking for a place, I did check out north Bethesda, but aside from a 4 block square, there just wasn’t the same walkability. In comparison , within a half mile radius downtown Bethesda has: at least 6 grocery stores, weekly farmers market, 4 CVS, dozens of barber shops, dozens of medical and dental clinics, 100 restaurants, cafes, bars, cinema, library, trail, and retail. I have a car, but it stays in my garage most the time, because it’s just not needed. Everything is within a 1-10 minutes walk.

  3. This is crazy! Sometimes when I am driving my luxury SUV to the dealership in the heart of Bethesda I have trouble parking and have to park it in the bike lane. Then a bicyclist yelled at me and that was triggering.

  4. also after being on this sub for a bit your weird bethesda obsession while not adding any value is annoying at best and harmful at worst

  5. You like a company that uses forced labor in china?

  6. Baltimore has its own metro. DC metro includes northern Virginia.

  7. My favorite - usually a MARYLAND driver - is when the driver “waves” you across like they are doing me a favor by allowing me to cross.

  8. They’re actually saying hurry the fuck up and cross. I’m just thankful that they allow me to cross.

  9. i did a light honk at someone who wouldn’t turn right on GREEN RIGHT ARROW & she threw her hands up as if i was being aggressive instead of LOOKING up to check if there was a green light. i was so confused, like pls just LOOK AT THE LIGHT girly instead of thinking it was personal, 💀

  10. Maybe pedestrians were crossing? I get honked all the time when I let pedestrians cross, which usually happens at green light, because that’s also when pedestrian cross sign is on. Idiots behind me never see people crossing the street.

  11. Pedestrian crossings don't usually change when traffic has a green turn arrow, though

  12. Crosswalk going the same direction as the road at intersections do change at the same time when traffic lights turn green. That’s where vehicular traffic turn right.

  13. Do you boring mfs ever talk about anything besides parking lots and highway traffic? Jesus.

  14. That’s what happens when 80% of NoVa is parking lots and highways.

  15. Bridge? I’ve seen people comment about building a wall, lol.

  16. Real money fly private jets to smaller airports. No TSA or baggage check-ins, straight to your plane, immediate flight, no wait required. Once you’re at your destination, get off the plane, go to your driver, done.

  17. Days Inn by Wyndham Washington DC/Connecticut Avenue (202) 244-5600

  18. I let people into the lane. It’s fine. I’m a native west coaster though. We drive different there.

  19. The hell does this have to do with Mother's Day, or Maryland?

  20. How does NoVa manage to have good schools with lower taxes?

  21. Since when does Nova have good schools? They’re fine, but they’re not even remotely close to Wooton, Whitman, Churchill or WJ. Even QO has really made that step imo.

  22. Cumberland does have a high crime rate, but it's mostly drug related and theft. If you aren't looking for a high or slinging, you don't leave anything outside a druggie can steal, and you don't walk all around town just to explore (not that the current street layout makes that safe or realistically feasible just from the cars) you'll be fine.

  23. That’s surprising to read. From the idyllic photos of Cumberland on Google, I would have not known that it’s a high crime area. Photos make it look like a quaint town.

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