1. Nope that was it. I had applied a while ago, but talked to the recruiter at this company yesterday. He scheduled for me to meet with two more people today, but I actually got an offer today from a place I interviewed at earlier this week. I didn’t expect the process to be so quick there, but I liked it so I accepted and didn’t wanna waste their time, so I let this guy know and he just said “wow ok”

  2. This is the internal recruiter for the company. I had applied directly

  3. I hate how every time we win it's always "the opponent played terrible". No, France aren't suddenly a worse team and neither were any of the teams we beat in this WC. Argentina's midfield pressure is fucking unbelievable and it forces awkward touches out of literally any opposition including the best midfield in the world (Croatia). Couple that with a dual threat of Messi and Di Maria, as well as a rock solid defense, and you see why everyone "looks bad" when they play against us.

  4. Very true, but r soccer doesn’t know shit about soccer lol

  5. Ordered this November first and still haven’t arrived. Where did you order these from?

  6. Unisport member access. Where did you order? I would definitely reach out to them.

  7. Ah ok I ordered from wegotsoccer. I emailed them and they said they should ship out in the coming days.

  8. He got the leg first then ball. That’s a pen all day. Ref has his ego bruised

  9. People on here take stuff way too serious. There’s never a need to send out that massive paragraph back to the recruiter lol

  10. There's no way a conspiracy that large wouldn't have anyone exposing it, right? Like there'd be at least one player that'd say "fuck this, I'm not paying" and leak everything.

  11. I make what you do working one job. Cry more.

  12. I tryed to buy that ball a couple of months ago, I asked for a discount cause of the autographs. And the seller said no💀 nice buy tho

  13. How much did you profit? Hopefully enough to be worth selling.

  14. I’m not selling it. This is for my collection. I paid $400

  15. Why are Iran's forwards playing like they're on their last breath in additional time lmao

  16. He’s saying the rule needs to change. He gained no advantage being offside there

  17. You can’t expect any results when you see where our players play. No one plays on any big clubs. We used to have Rafa and Chicha, but those days are over. Our best players play on Ajax and Napoli, that tells you everything.

  18. Nah I get it, it’s like the Whole Foods of outdoors stores. It caters to a certain crowd, with a certain level of income.

  19. I’ve played it you just shake it off it hurts but you get over it pretty quickly

  20. I don’t think you’ve been hit by a professional player

  21. When they ghost! It drives me insane all they have to do is left me know if they are not interested anymore it doesn’t hurt to do a quick professional phone call.

  22. I used to do this, but recruiters get super pushy when you say no. They’re relentless and won’t give up trying to push me into interviewing.

  23. I think all these big companies are in some sort of agreement to screw everyone over so they don’t have to raise wages. If Amazon does it then they all would have to follow suit, which they don’t want to do

  24. Same for me. Choi was my first jersey .. ):

  25. Had a guy call me like this today. Asked the same questions and got an attitude when I didn’t wanna name the companies I’ve interviewed with.

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