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  1. Quite strange to announce your future captain on an 18 year old 3rd round defenseman that hasn’t played a game yet

  2. Fuuuuck no. If I had it my way work wouldn't start until 10 at the earliest, but unfortunately the world is designed for morning people and the rest of us have to suffer.

  3. I work 10-6 and thankfully since the traffic is more calm during those times its not bad tbh.

  4. Make things because you want to make it, don't make things based on what you think others want.

  5. I still don't understand what this franchise did to deserve the last 9 years, let alone 50 years.

  6. I've been a fan for 23 years. We weren't good in the early 2000s but there were a lot of good aspects about the team and it always felt we were close to achieving something each year. When the team wasn't good, it didn't seem like people absolutely hated playing here and we still played with heart and I think that came from the culture and the locker room.

  7. This is where I'm wondering if it's not the content, but he broke a NDA.

  8. Make sure to leave it all in a Peak Design backpack in your car! Safe travels

  9. Also make sure to set up a gofundme for your stolen, insured equipment once its taken from your car even though you are more than well off to buy it on your own.

  10. Who wants to take the over under on Bo getting a hat trick in his first game against us?

  11. Anybody else relieved to see this? I would absolutely love having Ho here instead of Miller, but I'll be ecstatic to start seeing us shipping out some players rather than dragging ourselves further into longterm salary cap doldrums

  12. Fans want the idea of rebuilding, shipping out players and getting new ones in but don't like the idea of shipping anyone out that isn't a bottom 6 player.

  13. Elain deletes her Twitter after Elon takes over, Puddy won’t stop hashtagging out loud to her. George gets angry that the waitress at monks followed him on Instagram, and after he follows her, she unfollows him. Kramer tries to start his own social media.

  14. Chevalier d’Eon was a French diplomat and spy in England and Russia. Once he retired he revealed to the public that he had been a woman the entire time. She was henceforth made to wear gender appropriate clothing for the rest of her life. She went on to write some books and support the American Revolution. But here’s the kicker. When she died they found out she was actually a man the whole time. He was double crossdressing.

  15. Always book my tire change ~2 weeks before Halloween. That snowfall was fairly easy to drive through for myself.

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