1. Im in the same boat in california...what gives? I was just about to make it my "keep in the beer fridge on the bottom shelf fallback beer for when people come over unexpectedly or I run out of yummy 16oz cans that I like to acquire" (yes, I have that as a label on my bottom self). Now I cant find it anywhere

  2. I’ve been saying “you’re doing this thing but it’s okay, it’s not a big deal let’s just move on”. That allows me the outlet to say, hey I want to be treated differently, but then I also end the convo and kind of bring It along to the next thing, not giving him time to dwell on the criticism. It’s working decently

  3. I had no feeling for a month. Pins and needles and tingles for a month. Then mild tingles for a month. Now I can feel everything again. Only had ljs. Had hardware removal yesterday and can still feel everything

  4. Recurring infections. After 3 months the side did not heal properly and I had a ton of pain

  5. So sorry you had to go through that. I don't feel attacked at all. I appreciate the honesty, even if it hurts. Like, how can I be better if I'm not aware of my own faults you know?

  6. Everything you said, just work on executing that in the moment. You’re really advanced in empathy and really regressed in execution of It. You have the capacity and you just need to learn how to consistently show what you wrote. I truly wish my partner was more like you. He won’t even see that he does any of this, which is why I’m leaving

  7. Thank you, that means a lot. I won't forget the respect you've shown me today in being both brutally honest and civil at the same time.

  8. My experience is very similar to yours. I’m simply not allowed to mention anything that negatively impacts me. When I do, it’s either ignored, turned around on my or the subject is changed. It’s a different story when my partner has an issue though, she expects me to stand up and take notice.

  9. Its ironic that so many "Non" partners are in therapy and/or taking antidepressants, etc. to deal with the adhd effect.

  10. I didn’t tell my family (for a number of reasons but none bad) and even my sister who I am SUPER close with and who is EXTREMELY perceptive didn’t notice. I had a 7 mm lower jaw advancement and I already compensated prior to that

  11. I am 11 weeks po almost and gave oral about a week ago. I now have an infection. Can’t think of any other thing I did that could’ve given me an infection. Just wait

  12. I failed miserably talking to my partner about his rsd because his rsd Flaired with the label of rsd. He is still not getting It. But It helps when I don’t call him a label like rsd or adhd… If I do, he shuts down and the convo is over

  13. Did you do that all at once? Holy crap. That is amazing. I did a century ride and can’t imagine doing a century ride.. then doing a century ride. And so fast!!

  14. She probably doesn’t expect anything from “us”. In fact your whole existence and opinion to her of whether you believe it or not is like an ants opinion. Get a life, and so should I, I don’t know why I’m here

  15. Is it the same as a genoplasty? Because my surgeon said I'd get one depending on the results

  16. No, it’s liposuction of under the chin is what I’m talking about. I had It and looooove It. Genioplasty is moving your chin bone

  17. This exact thing happened to us last night. My dx non medicated partner and I, NT, got into an argument because he thought I said something I never said. We were having the discussion because I told him that he too often misinterprets me, creating these false meanings and messages from a straightforward comment. Says I’ve always got tone and attitude, so “most people” would draw conclusions about the “true” meaning I was Intending to communicate to him.

  18. For me it’s not the quantity of the posts, it’s all the people with nice bites asking if they need surgery. Your post is great. I’m 8 weeks po ljs, so I don’t know all that much, but I’d venture to say you need surgery

  19. Thanks, I'm class 1 so I think I have a "nice bite" but my main problem is lip seal which may be solvable with just rhinoplasty. The doctor said my palate can change if I keep my tongue there and nose breath and that would mean I could skip jaw surgery.

  20. I spent my undergrad studying. Now that academics won’t be too hard or harshly graded (pass/fail) I get a second chance at a college like experience, where I can focus more on the people and my opportunity than the library and my grades

  21. I might get really really downvoted for this, but I think she looks really good. Then again? I am a girl wishing I could look like this. This is what happens when you’re raised in the 90’s though. But I loved her curvier too! It’s just a different look. Why do Pete’s girlfriends go blonde? Lol

  22. Agree I think she looks amazing. So good I am not even jealous just admire It lol

  23. Same. I notice everyone’s jaws now and think what I think they need to fix It lol

  24. Outpatient? I would not want that at all. A night in the ICU is common after. DJS is major surgery. I am sure there are a handful of those who have gone home after but wow.

  25. I even only had ljs and couldn’t imagine not having spent the night. God bless my night nurse and the meds

  26. I told my dx partner that I wanted a good morning text since we don’t live together. He has since done if, and sometimes I do It first but mostly him. I explained I don’t care if you don’t need or want It, I do, and so you need to do It since it’s important to me. If your partner can’t do It… it’s unacceptable. It’s not hard. How many other things do you want or will you want that he won’t deliver on? And are you okay with It? Frankly if I told my partner, who has mild adhd, that I wanted something and he consistently failed to deliver, im done. I want to be happy

  27. I insisted on a good morning text before my ex and I lived together and it drove him mad to have to do it but he did with a few missed occasions in three years. He was able to keep to it, it was hard for him no doubt. But the side note of it was he resented me for it, for making him do it. And in the end when things fell apart it was of the things he threw in my face, and he was very mean and cruel about it. He said I was needy and anxious and being ridiculous for asking for it. I don't think that's true at all.

  28. That’s awful and verbally abusive. I’m sorry you had to deal with that

  29. Nope. Line may be middle of your forehead but it’s to the left of your nose and chin. If you kind It up with your nose and chin your midline is perfect

  30. You don’t charge 110$ for 40 mins of driving if you want business lol. I could understand a small fee of like 20-40. But 110? That’s laughably stupid

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