1. One more thing: Invisalign trays and retainer also cause gum recession

  2. Can you please tell me more about the procedure? You had done. I also have mild recession but I want to do something about it before it becomes a issue. Thank you.

  3. HAve you tried doxycycline? Sometimes that will really help. I have been off it, but am going back on it cuz it did help me lots

  4. You know I haven’t yet but that’s something I’m willing to try if my eye doc approve it because I’m doing IPL with PRP right now.

  5. He should give you 50mg for 10-14 days, then drop you to 50mg a day. I was on it for over 6 months, no problems. My eye doc thought I was ready to drop to 20mg. I was not and he has put me back on 50mg.

  6. Yes! By all accounts it was a success. Only one of my eyes has been affected the entire time. My eye looked so much better after Tepezza. I have no regrets and would do it all over again.

  7. Hi quick question when your eye went from bulging to normal, what happen to the skin around the eyes did it went back to normal as well or you had to have surgery for that? I’m just freaking about that after all this success I’m still going to be needing surgery. Thank you in Advance.

  8. The puffiness around my eyes completely went away after tepezza. Its only been 2 months since I’ve completed all 8 rounds. A lot of people are apparently having flareups again after tepezza. This is so depressing to hear. I thought it was permanent.

  9. Thank you for reply and it is a bummer to know it isn’t permanent because I thought that as well.

  10. I'm not sure it did, actually. I've been taking 200mcg Selenium for 4 months as prescribed and the eye issues did mostly go away, yes. Then again, at the same time my thyroid levels got into range and I've been using eye drops 3-4 times a day ever since. Now that I've been off the Selenium for a couple of months, things are still fine (besides some eye dryness / light pain from time to time). So I'm not sure the Selenium did anything. Maybe it did or the combination of all measures.

  11. So, my insurance initially denied it and fighting to get it covered was a nightmare, I only just got approved a few days ago....and unfortunately there's currently a Tepezza shortage :( They've stopped manufacturing it in order to make the COVID vaccine. So it may be a few months before I'm able to start infusions. I'll be back with an update when it finally happens though!

  12. It's insane how different I look from just a couple months ago. Yeah, I need to talk to someone. Friends and family either don't really understand or are just naive about it. Take my sister for example who says "fuck what other people think about how you look." Of course, she is this gorgeous girl who lights up every room. My family is attractive, they'll never get it. People treat you differently and it is a humbling experience but one I wouldn't wish on Kim Jong-un. I am actually seeing a few world-renowned physicians as all of my doctors are through Duke. Things just got out of hand. I really hope I can look like myself again once I'm healthy. It just takes time and patience. I've always been a cool & collected guy. I'm a resilient person. But every man has his breaking point, and I'm almost there. I hope you're right! I hope this is temporary

  13. I don't have an answer as I just started prednisone and would love to know!

  14. Hi is prednisone working for your eye? I just started 3 days ago eyedrops and I’m wondering if I should just ask to get a steroid injection instead. Thank you.

  15. Hi did your gum ever got better with home care and did the gum more healthier and grew back a little

  16. 6years on wondering how your gums are now? Having a similar problem myself. My gums have receded due to oral nicotine replacement, I have loose pockets around my tooth it's really concerning. I'm hoping once I have quit for a while they tighten back up.

  17. Your gum recession is sooo mild. I don’t think you need to worry that much but if it’s giving you stress and anxiety then I would see a dentist but honestly the first thing they will say is try brushing softly and floss more and if that doesn’t help then they would discuss about gum grafting but you really don’t need that at all.

  18. I've got an appointment in September. I've been pretty scared I was going to lose my teeth over this.

  19. I agree pictures would help. I also think your anxiety has a big role on this too because I have high anxiety when it comes to my gum issues and I see thinks that aren’t there. Even when my dentist told me that I really didn’t have any major going on somehow I convince myself that my gums overnight and I think that’s kind a impossible unless your brushing really hard on your teeth.

  20. this subreddit doesn’t allow pictures. the first dentist said that there was bone loss as well as the angle that the tooth was on that made the graft “impossible”. i’m still gonna get more opinions and i’m not gonna give up!!

  21. I’m glad your not giving up and let me know how everything goes and what your next dentist say.

  22. You welcome, I have ocd so I get really obsessed if something goes wrong or looks off on my body and right now I’m also dealing with gum recession and my anxiety is always there 24/7.

  23. Thanks for your reply. Would a cone-beam CT be at all prudent? My worry is letting it get worse and having to extract it because it becomes too infected. Right now the pain is occasional and mild, which makes me think the tooth can be saved if we act on it.

  24. Great, thank you for the response! My insurance is giving a hard time on covering this procedure. I appealed it but if they reject it again I’ll just move forward with getting one procedure at a time (it’s about $1000 total). Unfortunately my gum recession is genetic, I have a thin gum biotype.

  25. How are you feeling now. I have the same thing going on my front tooth is sensitive and mine was due to getting cleaning done at the dentist and it all started there.

  26. Some dentist go alittle too deep in their cleanings and damage gums. I have perfect freaken teeth and the cleaning was too agressive on my front two teeth and I can notice a slight recession.

  27. Hi same thing happened to me I had perfect tooth and after cleaning my tooth start receding in my gum line started hurting. How is your gum now?

  28. What makes you think I have abfraction lesions? My dental hygienist, dentist or periodontist never mentioned anything about that.

  29. It sounds to me that you just haven’t found something that works. I’ve had experienced a lot of oils that I swear by through dōTERRA! Sometimes the oils that work for one person may not work for another. Every BODY is different. :)

  30. Luckily for me, there isn't any bone loss. My gums receded from chemical burn from over use of peroxide. They actually receded in a matter of a few days which leads me to think that maybe they'll return on their own with extra home oral care.

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