A man invades the pitch at the World Cup in Qatar with a shirt reading "Save Ukraine" and a rainbow flag during Portugal vs Uruguay

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  1. Thank you! I am looking to rent like a 50FT Yacht in California and try the calm sea of the Pacific.

  2. Do you have any experience or even a captains license? I mean 50’ and travel the Pacific is not like getting in a car and driving cross country.

  3. I’ve got years of experience boating and driving a 25 foot open bow. I would be mortified to even go up in size 10 more feet. I can’t imagine jumping straight to 50 feet.

  4. Ya imagine being a new boater. Not knowing the rules of the water or maps or even how to use a compass with tides. Ughhh!

  5. Check your sensors before and after CAT, check to make sure you don’t have a cracked plug wire, vacuum lines, wires are seated on plugs properly. If there was no mis fire before plug change and then it started after, your wires were probably not seated on the plugs. Pull your ECM codes. Disconnect the battery for 10 min and hook it back up to reset the computer. Basically check all the basics I listed.

  6. I'm a Landlord in very nearby Edmonds. We don't have as many tenant friendly rules as Seattle but still lots of protection under WA law.

  7. Looks like the O ring to the shaft. Did you have fishing line tangled around the prop shaft? Pull the prop and check the seals.

  8. Prop shaft looks good. Have to pull the prop anyways to change the gearcase on these anyways. This is the engine oil on the crankcase exit.

  9. It looks like the shaft seal. That material is a hard black rubber. It’s behind the prop and zinc. If there is no zinc, there is a brass gromet that slides off.

  10. Or don’t try to control what people do and let them do as they please? Not everyone wants to rehabilitate an animal who has most likely been through trama.

  11. Yup … I see it the same way. Extra time when you adopt an animal that’s been all F’d up.

  12. Adopted animals are often traumatized from the separation alone from their original owners not to mention if anything else went wrong. Not saying you can’t find a good animal adopting but we call the rescues for a reason.

  13. It’s hard to find and number 2, like you said, you won’t find a savanna or serval in a shelter. Thank you again!

  14. The chicks in the bikini sunning topless.😁

  15. I heard this along time ago from my friend that’s a sports attorney and lives next to Lebum in Cali. They all said it was true. Who fuckin knows..

  16. Roaches are brought in a home by a person. They get the eggs on their cloths and track them thru their home. If you fumigate and they keep coming back, you have a tenant that is bringing them back in. They can spend time at someone’s home and get the eggs on them. They can be working as a painter or construction rehabbing slums or dirty homes. If they don’t take their cloths off outside and wrap them in plastic bags for 3 days, that’s an issue. I only know this, because when I was young buying and rehabbing 6/8 family homes, I had this issue. I found out the hard way. So, that’s how I learned to undress outside and go right to the shower.

  17. 😂😂😂 they reactivated it. Do you know what company it belonged to and if they happen to have been sold or bought out by another company?

  18. Oh Lord!! Please video this? Just for scientific purposes🙄🙄

  19. The threaded barrel is the same length, so I don’t buy what you are selling here.

  20. You’re not making sense you give all these reasons not to do it then say the threaded barrel is the same length 🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. What are you talking about? Are you responding to the right person?

  22. Too bad he didn’t know they won’t televise it and all for NOT. Wonder how he’s making out in the prison. Remember what he looks like there and when he or if he gets released. Dude better be strong…

  23. Thanks very much! Some days i doubted id ever see a 50 lber let alone break 50 inches altogether!

  24. It’s the greatest feeling and then the days to follow for the next one… are you gonna mount or make a mold of her?

  25. It’s a splicer to attach another branch or another variety of fig to the existing. They sell them on Amazon. You pack them with dirt and fertilizer and water everyday or every other. You can also generate a new root ball off a limb by cutting back the bark and attaching this with soil and water daily.

  26. We call them CHUBS in connecticut. I use them for fluke bait. They slay the fluke and big ones too. Great bait!

  27. I’m working on my AR-9 now and hope it comes together like this. That is great looking!! Really really nice!!

  28. Smart. He blows the leaves with a pressure washer and the wind can’t blow them back into his yard, because they are now wet.

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