Doordash, uber, postmates, etc. drivers don’t deserve tip

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  1. I’m using LingQ right now and I’m a beginner only reading stuff I want to read like news articles, the Bible and other stuff like that. I don’t know if it’s the best way but I like it because I’m not bored. So far I have 600 words known saved without using Anki especially when the words occur frequently your brain just remembers it. Look at Steve Kaufman’s(creator of LingQ)videos and see if you like his method because I like it and that’s what I’m doing except I don’t want to do the short stories because they’re boring.

  2. Yes! I will give it a try. Maybe they will do a better job than some of the noise cancelling headphones lol...

  3. If you find earphones that stay in let me know! I have 3Ms also but earphones don’t stick especially when sleeping

  4. Not sure, but I always wonder if people are just generally fickle - like a cool place like that opens up and it's all the rage for a while, then people just move on to the next cool thing?

  5. Yeah I never seen anything like that before so I don’t even know what the next cool thing would be

  6. How long have you been on 1.5 dose? My husband did not lose any weight on 2.0 dose of ozempic but is dropping weight on moujanro.

  7. It does.. Mine already feels suppressed. I don't mind it though.

  8. Paxil and Effexor completely diminished my libido. I’m dead from the waste down. Give it a go

  9. you let your teammates know you need help on the drive and you focus on taking away the jumper.

  10. Just want to add: If a person begins learning a new language for the first time in middle age, is it crazy to think they may one day reach such a level of proficiency where they can become an interpreter or translator?

  11. Steven Kaufman started learning at 60( if I remember well) and is good in 8 languages

  12. I learned French to a fairly high level. Then I lived in France for a year and absolutely hated it.

  13. What was the worst thing that happened to you? So I can get a grasp on what you mean

  14. If there was a pill that made me stop desiring my wife, I’d take it ever goddamned day.

  15. What if you don't have a desk job and are standing all day and constantly moving heavy parts around machinery, would that change your opinion?

  16. French subtitles generated by ai are much worse than English subtitles.

  17. Can’t even remember the last time I had one, seroquel didn’t even take episodes away

  18. 6mgs. A quarter of a 25mg pill. This is a minute dose. I was prescribed 25, but it is so so so so strong I think Id sleep for a week!

  19. I know this is old but I am going back on this because my back pain is unmanageable what dose are you on? If you able to disclose

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