1. I wasn’t impressed with the fat billy from good green either. It was cheap but the effects just weren’t there.

  2. If I wasn’t so broke this week I would have gotten 4 different strains. How is the fruity og ? I almost got that one.

  3. I just had a half of dosidos, which i buy alot and their terp numbers a getting much better.

  4. I don’t remember seeing klutch staying in stock like it is now. I’ve been in the program for 3 years and it does seem like most people are staying away from them. The botanist has had a ton of klutch on the menu and doesn’t seem to be selling like it used to.

  5. I really liked the Creamsicle from Columbia Cares Seed&Strain line.. It was really good and really flavorful and stinky, obviously in a good way.. This one looks nice too, I haven't gotten around to trying the Superflux line from The Botanist. Might have to do that sometime in the next couple months..

  6. That one is on my list. Im gonna have to make the trip to cc marietta one of these days.

  7. Creamsiclez from Superflux has great effects for me. Not too sedating but im not crazy about the flavor. It has a bit of that wet basement flavor to it. The effects are worth the price. Standard Gelato is very nice. Gelato satisfies my caryophelene craving while giving me nice hybrid effects.Loving these December deals and hope its a new trend here in Ohio.

  8. Been noticing that on standard. Grow Ohio has a few strains out for $18 a tenth right now also. Let’s keep it up ohio.

  9. I had to have my partner open my Camino gummies tin after I could not for the life of me open it. He had to go get pliers and ruin the tin to get them open and I had to put them in a different container. I have psoriatic arthritis and I would’ve never been able to open it otherwise. I’ve struggled with some other packaging too. While I appreciate keeping kids out of things- I swear they’re trying to also me-proof it. 😂

  10. I wont buy butterfly effect flower due to the idiotic containers. Line up the 2 tiny black dots🙄. You need a flashlight and magnifying glass. GTFOH

  11. I had one of these that died. They grow little acorn like things near the roots in the dirt. You can plant them and they will grow new plants.

  12. Woodward animal mints,wedding cake and animal face. BR dosidos , garlic breath. Just got some standard wellness triangle mints and it is heavy in caryophelene and also great effect wise.

  13. The mini nail came with a quartz banger. Also received a buckeye relief game day chair.Forgot to mention that I also received the nicest travel mug I’ve ever had.

  14. Does gmo stand for something? (Thats not genetically modified organism?)

  15. Woodward had this about 2 yrs ago...was not very impressive, thin whispy bud structure. Light effects that wore off quickly.

  16. This is true. Sparse bud structure and i also found fully mature seeds in mine. I love Woodward but this was a miss. Effects were not great.

  17. One is going in in the building next to the botanist canton. I have to think they will be forced to be at least a little more competitive. 🤷‍♂️

  18. I thought it was and it's not Kings mustache is Louis XIII and this one is Louie IIIV I know that doesn't make any sense for Roman numerals but that's what they sent me an email saying that it was

  19. I live 20 minutes away from bloom Akron and don’t even check the menu. Went once and was told 90 minute wait and was told to go sit in my car. Yeah okay. Went to the botanist Akron and was in and out in 10 minutes.

  20. Down voting it, doesn't make the Cannabis testing problems go away Cannabis industry of Ohio.

  21. Constantly complaining on Reddit does nothing to solve the problem either. If you’re so unhappy with the Ohio program go to Michigan like you tell other people to do. Take your own chances of getting a felony. Instead of an advocate you’re just a chronic complainer. No one is forcing you into the Ohio program.

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