I'm fucking speechless

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  1. Surplus. I use my abilities as often as I can

  2. that sounds terrible. im going for sidearm scout and shotty or bust. the other guns sucks

  3. My RNG with red borders has been pretty awful, ngl. I've crafted the sidearm and the LFR. Most of the red border weapons I've gotten since (including the one from the first Ketchcrash of the week) have been, you guessed it, the sidearm or the LFR. I've been using the weapon map and more often than not the weapon has been normal. Even when it's been red border, it was usually the sidearm or the LFR. But that's RNG for you. 🤷‍♂️

  4. they made it easier to get seasonal weapons at least. there's now a deepsight guaranteed upgrade, first focus of the week

  5. i run ophidians. cryosthesia and a sniper. freezing wells and turrets. max discipline and recovery. barricade grenades (for if its not a turret). choose your best fragments. this became my majn this season, and it plays very well.

  6. I just miss my P-Blast melee so often, even when they’re right up on me. Maybe I just suck.

  7. yeah same, that's why i don't build into strength and rely on cryo for extra freezing options

  8. yea still trying to get more into it, also have the out of bounds with kill clip and perpetual; jus swap weapons in inventory depending on enemies playstyle, thanks for the advice!

  9. sure thing! just to be clear out of bounds wont work with that aspect (even though its a v fun smg). it has to be an arc weapon that utilizes secondary ammo

  10. work it or gtfo this ain't recess this the school of hard knocks if u can't bring the asym heat then sit ur ass down in blueberry gear smdh THIS iS THE WORLD OF (d2) FASHION

  11. u gotta get somethin on those walls gd those acoustics carpet be the only thing savin yo ass

  12. I know but I can only ask my wife to handle so much and acoustic foam on the walls is probably pushing it lol

  13. “On todays episode of what’s fucked up. That’s fucked up”

  14. 1 for sure thats stylish and funny as fuck

  15. The kind of person that kills a bunch of enemies in Gambit and just walks away without picking up any motes.

  16. i do this but its because i get max motes and am still shredding foos for my teammates

  17. Every time the Twitter community somehow manages to one up themselves in being the worst website. I start looking through the cosplay community because of how cracked they are.

  18. lmfao the forums are by far the most toxic place in the bungie community. anytime i've posted genuine feedback about bugs it turns into full on harassment

  19. get into master nightfalls or better yet GMs... you'll have more golfballs than you know what to do with

  20. So many golfballs you better be managing that postmaster

  21. truly. i started dumping into exotics just for one extra stat bump because 20 unused golfballs is absurd. or just to try a new build i'd masterwork everything lol

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