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  1. YTA- I feel for your daughter. Her milestones matter. Just because people get married all the time that doesn't take away from the specialness of your daughter's wedding. Seems like you see milestones from a very surface level, and not for the unique and special connections having a wedding or baby shower is about.

  2. child-free??? you're acting as if Mel is 2, not 20 , she's a whole adult! if she can pay taxes she's an adult, YTA

  3. 1000% - XNTPs dont acc care about societal standards of success and such. what they do care about is perhaps maybe one day fulfilling their potential...

  4. i feel like the cool guy with nerds and the nerd with jocks/cool people... struggle

  5. It's honestly a difficult dichotomy to live with (/humblebrag). I have a hard time relating to jocks because they're absolutely dumb, and I have a hard time relating with nerds because they're, well, socially awkward boring nerds. I hang out with both crowds but never quite fit in, along with all the other crowds I associate with. lol even my boss told me that I remind him of his highly analytical friends except I'm not socially awkward like them.

  6. controversial, but ESH. i know the girlfriend is in the wrong for cheating with your brother but if you're still tight w your SIL why's your brother there lol why make ur brother spend time w his ex ? like y'all not respecting ur brother's new relationship (however murky their start was...) for 3 years? three whole years??? and that's still your niece it's not her fault her dad knocked up her mum while dad was married to someone else.

  7. workplaces that do the whole 'family' thing creeps me out. y'all there to get a bag and go home lol. NTA bro

  8. in indian culture we dont rly have the whole 'upstaging the bride' thing like as the bride ur just dressed hella fancy so it doesnt matter. it seems like the women in the groom's family are just being hater and potentially racist, cuz how they made that u just existed in a dress it's giving racist bullying icl😭. NTA baby girl, and good on u for taking ur damn money back too.

  9. being a soft natural just means u know what effects you can create w certain silhouettes. im an SN too, i wear a lot of baggier t shirts and trousers it just looks really edgy and fashion forward on me - not necessarily super harmonious but ik to wear something more form fitting up top if im wearing something baggy and vice versa. also idk where u got these recommendations from girl icl😭

  10. love to see it 😍 both beautiful in ya own way xx i totally get it cuz i'm SN and my mum's TR (or SG not quite sure yet actually) but we servin in our own vibes 😋

  11. 😭❤️🕺😳👀😍😂🤣🥲😌☹️👌🥺🧘‍♀️😘😔😒☺️😩🥰😆😣💕😊🙄🫣🥹😈✅😏

  12. we v charming when we want to be. shame most of the time we enjoy being annoying lil fuckers😂xx

  13. also, surely anything that broke the news that Bush and Blair had lies about Iraq having WoMD

  14. To me, she’s or a DC or a SD. She doesn’t seem to have an extremely long vertical line, but she has to accommodate vertical. I think she looks great in DC outfits but also in SD ones, which confuses me. Don’t know if she needs balance (because some type of outfits overwhelm her…) or curve accommodation (like some of hose dresses that look fantastic on her)… 🤷‍♀️😊

  15. see i was thinking DC for her too! ik everyone on here is saying SD but she just doesnt have enough vertical imo

  16. can someone explain zac efron as a male SG to me pls? still working on my male kibbe! also jude law to me is too yang for C he has too much vertical imo ?

  17. I don't see vertical or curve at all so I am going to go for flamboyant gamine. I think FG because she has some yang and yin but it isn't very blended. Her legs appear short but her arms are long. Her face has some yang width and sharpness with yin lips. Her arms have yang flesh but her legs have yin flesh.

  18. idk if it's just me as a soft natural but i swear i just feel like sn is lowkey sexy tomboy vibes

  19. I just know this woman is SN- if kibbe types her as anything else I know i will never understand this system and hang my hat up

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