1. where u got these from?

  2. why tf hasn’t this song been officially released yet u think we’re ever getting it on Spotify?

  3. my guess is the sample was never cleared. rocky might drop it on his upcoming album though

  4. Smooth as fuck i pressed it all, no help i did this shit

  5. nah i don’t think so he just got off of a massive tour. id give it like 8 months to a year before he goes on his own headlining tour again.

  6. bro whattttt i think i was lied to at the miami store then the dude there said they were $1295 before tax 😭😭😭😭

  7. slight correction but i’d consider rover v3 since it was recorded in august of 2020

  8. u forgot his dj lil88, his hairstylist ari, his bodyguard big legend, and his engineer trey

  9. hold on i might be out of the loop isnt if looks could kill just the song that already dropped?

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