1. I grow a couple of FastBuds strains (along with others) and they get 4-5 ft tall and I still need to do a lot of training

  2. Interesting. Which strains? Their documentation on their website indicates that the strains I selected are some of their shortest. 2 feet of vertical growth is the max I am looking for.

  3. Strawberry Banana and Tangie right now, with one Purple Lemonade. I grow DWC, and I have great yields that way. You can always top or train them to be shorter Edit: And Strawberry Pie

  4. Yeah I’m doing DWC too right now. I’m trying to find a way to keep the plants a bit smaller while still keeping the benefits of DWC. Considering some type of root restriction.

  5. It’s just a prototype 1/3 size :) lots of changes need to be made before I print the full size box.

  6. Nice, have you see the guy who’s making those cute tiny grow lights boards so they have decent light in tiny setup. I don’t think he’s doing public custom orders but I’m not sure if he can be persuaded with lots of money.

  7. I have talked to him before. This is just a 1/3 scale model to do test fits, this is a bit too small to do anything viable. I’m trying to build a low cost, scalable unit that uses over the counter hardware. Getting pretty close!

  8. Hell yeah! Rack mounted grow system. Can’t wait to see how this turns out

  9. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be picking some of this stuff up when I start testing my new model grow enclosures. If new users can really just follow a feed chart and not need to PH their water, that’s huge.

  10. Amazing! I’m also building a smart bucket with a raspberry pi 3B, DHT22, a capacitance soil moisture, and a 4ch relay to control: fans, lights, water pump, and a heat mat… also a Flask webapp to control and monitor everything you can checkout the work in progress here:

  11. Looks good! I can offer some feedback if you would like? I started down this route a few years ago and have made a few changes due to complexities / inaccuracies. Have you looked at node-red?

  12. Sure… send any feedback. I’ll take a look at node-red. So far it’s all python piece together from different tutorials I found online.

  13. That’s exactly how I started! The good of doing that is that I got better at python! The cool thing about node red is that you can trigger your python scripts from it.

  14. Beautiful machine. Well designed and elegant! Vaporizing is the safest, most efficient, and best tasting way to consume cannabis.

  15. Oh, yeah. It's the HEY ABBY I converted from Hydro to soil. Added my own twist. So she's SAMANTHA now lol.

  16. That’s cool that they support you doing that. I figured they were restricted to hydro only. Any automation for watering or are you doing it by hand?

  17. They who, ABBY? Haha. I'm doing it by Hand with this one. Decided to do this because I have no other grow box and I already had a soil based plant.

  18. Nice! Yeah I would go with the smaller of the two pots

  19. Love everything about this post. Beautiful plant, cool setup, and a lucky bread on the seeds! Let us know the final yield and how many seeds you get

  20. Hell of a yield from a tote build! What kind of light did you use? Well done!

  21. You will be fine for a few days. I’ve done it many times when testing new hardware!

  22. Take the recommended dose and divide it by 2. I am running 4 enclosures using the same formula and having great results now. Note you will need to PH your water. I aim for a PH around 6 to keep things simple.

  23. Now try without dividing, because you dont need to do this with T.A.

  24. I haven’t given the full dose to any plant yet due to the EC being outside the bounds that I am use to delivering. I’d be interested to do an experiment where I give some plants a half doses and others a full to see the results.

  25. Build looks good! You are putting sand in the top of your pots?

  26. yeah it keeps the fungus gnats from reproducing, they can’t get in or out. I’m a living soil grower, every time i see the first few gnats i’ll go ahead and add sand, It’s a great cheap pest control

  27. Super interesting! Please keep us posted. Don’t see much loving soil in buckets because of the side constraint.

  28. This is the best light you can buy for a space bucket hands down

  29. Hell yeah! Best LEDs on the market. I have been using them in all my designs

  30. 3D printing is one of the most under looked tools in growing!

  31. Looks like the shower is going to be out of commission for a week haha

  32. That light has been reviewed and is fantastic for the size price and power. I’m working on a new build that uses that LED. Definitely recommend

  33. This is a ton of pants! How do you plan to do your selection? What traits are you going for and how many plants will you end up with at harvest?

  34. Bro science- icing roots, flushing before harvest and dark periods. All proven nonsense but people still practice it for no good rrason.

  35. You are 100% correct in your statement. There is absolutely 0 studies showing the viability of any of these methods.

  36. Fascinating post. I am new to breading but my first cross was and auto with a photo. It resulted in offspring being about 2 to 1 photo to auto (based off about 20 samples). I found that the photos do seem to go a bit “faster” than other strains that are not of my making.

  37. How long did it take you to reveg? Mine took 6-8 weeks to start actual vigorous growth, and I had to clean up the new growth quite a bit. Now I clone everything before I put it into flower, because reveg takes too long lol

  38. I second this question. This is super cool. I have done this in an experiment. Reveging takes up less real estate than cloning, but it usually takes quite some time. How long did it take after harvest?

  39. I didn't actually harvest the one I revegged the first time. It was a forgotten plant in a solo cup from a mother hunt I did last year. I found it in the spring in a window, apparently my wife adopted it. It was about 6" tall, no branching, and loose wispy buds when I moved it outside for the summer. I hid it in our herb garden, and at harvest in Nov it had 3 main branches and produced 7g dry lol. If you are really interested I have pics of the whole process.

  40. Haha I wish I could get my wife to adopt one of my plants. That’s a win right there!

  41. What LEDs are you using there? A few guys have reported issues with a similar design.

  42. Looks fantastic to me! Keep us posted on your final yield when you chop. Solid lighting really pays off!

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