1. How this posts relates... Ryan F*cking Cohen !!!!

  2. "Maintains $3.50 price target..." without a rs to boot... get it πŸš€


  4. β€œTake the bass out of your voice when speaking to me”

  5. That'll be me forsure lmao... luv it !

  6. If your theory trained in piano, button side is all 5th's... once u learn what the rows looking down are... ie major, major, major 7th... ect... made it easy to learn.... there's layouts out on the web of the buttons, but just remember 5ths

  7. So Wendy's for supper tomorrow? Sounds good πŸ‘

  8. Hmmm original source was me watching it on Bloomberg China open... I searched Twitter for any articles released yet, but could only find that tweet... more articles should be out shortly... then again, msm might bury this... but the China TV guys said it...


  10. Who invented bitcoin? The Japanese.... who has their own crypto currency now? Japan... nuff said

  11. Pro - good little app, has came along way over the year :) Con - no pre market and after hours trading... :(

  12. Same, so went with MMF...--> Defi Wallet --> MMF App covert to CRO ---> Send back to crypto app... took 5 minutes and maybe $2 of fees....

  13. Nothing vise grips and zip ties can't take care of... send it !!!!

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