1. And this is one is stippled .... y'all know what that means ;)

  2. Why does no one ever come back with "translation... you have a loose vagina"

  3. The constitution doesn't apply to private companies. YouTube has every right to make rules on what's allowed on their platform. Same as you can make rules on what people say in your home.

  4. "Yes but". They claim to be a service provider (like an internet service provider, who doesn't get in trouble for people using their service to facilitate human trafficking). As such they are immune to the legal implications of content hosted on their platform.

  5. Like XR171 said, it is a private company, YOU agree to THEIR TOS when creating a channel and uploading. They can close them all tomorrow at a whim with zero consequences for violating their rules. Honestly probably wouldn't hurt Youtube as much as people think either.

  6. It's double dipping though. Legally they are in hor water if they are a media company, responsible for n curating content vs just a service provider. They're getting all the legal benefits of both without the limitations.

  7. People 18-21 have a 10 day delay nation wide it went into effect in November

  8. Buying more guns does not guarantee the continuation of civilization.

  9. Are MRE hot sauce bottles a thing again?!

  10. No. They very definitely stopped putting them in there. I haven't had one in like... 2 years. So idk what the new manufacture ones have. Also Marines... so... sometimes it takes us a minute to get the new ones

  11. At least they're completely done fucking with us and everything is back to normal (not even slightly we're all still persona non grata, and I got passed over for promotion)


  13. Imma have to do this. What is the ideal plant?

  14. Haha definitely girls on this sub ☺️

  15. 😮 guys! Um... I forgot how to talk!

  16. Well... our military is like... out of it. So... yeah... no fun going to the field with arty right now.

  17. Remember '2 million dead by October's?

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