1. They squirted it on parchment paper and froze it, if you look close you can see the frosting on the main glob, then that glob will pop off the paper and can be swallowed like a pill.

  2. The boys were smoking when they dreamed up the 0.84 G in Ohio...more for me type stuff, next puff produced The Ohio Tenth, trying to act smart, or just complicated

  3. Hon Wonka Bar luster, midnight moon artesian B.R. used to be starry nights aeropod poof..disappeared Triple Crown B.E.

  4. Northern frostbury second breakfast and sherbhead along with Wonka Bar×unicorn cake sauce honeycomb n Wonka Bar luster by hon.. Midnight Moon Artesian series since t starry nights has disappeared

  5. I think ancient roots has put out some good bud. Farkas farms Galenas and Woodward are the best out there. I had some watermelon ice from wellsprings and it was styrofoam garbage.

  6. It was I God ...11/11 if I am The water I am the rain if I am the fire I am the flame...D.P. Eric says we're all godz

  7. I just left the dispensary and this babe was telling me this so gas ⛽. I made a mistake and bought RC's GC I should have got this I see though

  8. But you cannot go wrong with Riviera Creek garlic cookies probably the same exact seed or clone

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