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  1. And you left it unlocked…

  2. Awesome, yep I'll run it through my shredder

  3. This is what I do with all of the cardboard and takeout containers that can’t be recycled but are good to be composed.

  4. Dang, is this the new Taylor Swift music video?

  5. Was the 2 year wait just you or Tesla? I think it took my solar company 2 months from when we signed to when it was installed. Tesla is not available where we live.

  6. I mean…he’s not lying.

  7. Assuming your car was still under warranty.

  8. I mean look at him. He’s a billboard on wheels.

  9. Kansas City has net metering but they true you up every month and only pay deferred fuel cost for excess generation ($0.02-0.03/kWh). Everyone just sizes systems to take 85-90% of your house loads. No sense in giving them power for pretty much nothing.

  10. Probably for the part labor gonna rek. Probably looking at $600-$800

  11. See my comment above for the estimate from the SC.

  12. I'm willing to bet this trail was started by some teenage boys with GPS.

  13. Kocnbawls trail. Maintained by local troop 42069.

  14. Because it's a shitty plan. My deductible would have been $200 with my Kaiser plan.

  15. High deductible plans cost less. You can also contribute to a HSA if you have one verses a use it or lose it FSA. My company also pays $1000/year into my HSA. So your plan might only cost you $200 for this major event but you are paying a lot more year to year. I have a high deductible plan and built up an HSA to cover the full deductible with tax free money. If you don’t get sick a lot or have major events often then a high deductible plan will always be less money in the long run. If your company covers all the costs of the plan you have then that’s really good.

  16. I agree 100% it costs more per month but not $6000. It would take years to off set that cost.

  17. Agree with everything you said. You can put in $7300/year into an HSA. I would say I’m not typical because I have 2 years of deductibles in my HSA so if I do have a major event then I can make it up the following year and not really notice. I assume most people just take what the company gives you so you could be f-ed if you have a major event and aren’t financially prepared for it. Having the peace of mind for a non-high deductible plan for a little more money is definitely another option. I’m an engineer so I made a spreadsheet looking at the costs and compared all of the plans my company offered and ended up with the high deductible family plan.

  18. Last week: Charged to 70%, arrived at airport at 50%. Gone all week. Returned and car was at 49%. Got home with 29%. As long as you turn off everything so it can go to sleep and don’t open the app you are good for a very long time.

  19. Oh is that a double hump….

  20. Just need one more toilet paper roll and it would have eyes.

  21. I loved the first product photo! Walking it in on a floating platform.

  22. The photo on the linked page is perfect. Guy waste deep in water looking like he’s lost.

  23. Ahhh my install is on Wednesday. Will be posting pictures.

  24. Teslamate as a random website recording my location along with many others concerns me.

  25. I had the same concern. Already had a server running in my basement so wasn’t an issue. I think having to have a computer running 24/7 is the main reason people don’t use Teslamate.

  26. I only charge to 65% during summer. Then I end up at around 50% when I arrive home. Winter I end up charging to 70-75% and arrive back with 50%. I have resistive heating so not as efficient as the newer cars.

  27. Kansas City USA. Residential. Summer $0.11/kWh winter $0.09/kWh. Still not profitable. 12.4kw of solar but that only covers my house/cars.

  28. Right now I would be at a slight loss. I shut everything down and I’m still waiting to see when it settles out. Winter is coming also so if I’m close I will end up running for the heat.

  29. How long do you plan to test for? 15 or 20 minutes isn't going to cost much.

  30. Well some people are saying just turn it on and it will be fine.

  31. Haha I need to wash my car…it been months. Then seeing this I remember why I like the color so much.

  32. Back when you had to lay extra to get it 😂😂

  33. Posted this up a week or two ago and it got SHIT on lmao i don't mind them but they aren't the greatest either

  34. Exactly. I got this also. It was $17.xx at my Costco. Most were OK/good and a couple were not great.

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