1. The queen is dead and you’re calling me a nonce?

  2. I wish we had a nice pack like this in europe. Ours look nasty with gross pictures on the packaging

  3. I bought these from a native rez where I buy my pot, if I bought somewhere regular it would probably have Gross pics and warnings

  4. Unfortunately I’m a second year film and media history medial and there is no first year courses I found that include or work with this. I made a poster with photoshop for a geo course?

  5. Omg no it’s so wet when it gets hot! It would need to be VERY dried out or dehydrated like a tobacco leaf

  6. It’s a woman, who’s smoking weed… whos wearing clothes. I would say don’t slut shame at all but I’m confused why you even think this is slutty.

  7. She’s still fully clothed, just sitting down and wearing shorts. That doesn’t contradict anything I said

  8. These actually came free! That’s why I was wondering, I don’t think I would spend that much on them

  9. it’s up to you at this point to test that out lol (that’s if your comfortable with black market edibles)

  10. Same. I’m a steady 55-60 student in that class, and now I’m resigned to the fact that as long as I pass, I’m happy.

  11. Same! Getting a 65 and overjoyed. The huge online test was bullshit

  12. Someone somewhere is reading this VERY high and is so so confused

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