1. "he belongs to everybody and nobody" is probably the best description of my life that I have ever seen.

  2. yes, I tried to fix a girl who loved drama in her life for some reason. She always got into fights with other girls over petty shit, she cut herself because she was suicidal, she loved extreme gore, she was in love with people who didn't appreciate her, her grades, her school, and school record were all fucked. And all this kind of fucked up shit.

  3. No, INFJs have a mirroring personality. They change into the people of the group they're in at that time. So there are INFJ's everywhere only difficult to find because if they hang with a lot of ESTPs they seem like an ESTP. The only way to find an INFJ without testing them by functions is by putting them in 2 totally different groups like popular jocks and nerds. And if they take the form of the group then there is a HIGH chance they're an INFJ.

  4. It's not about beauty standards of the west. The beauty is so much more than just one way of looking at everyone. Some hide their beauty in their movement some in their eyes and some in the way they talk. It's the little things and I think that that's the reason why some can be so optymistic. It's just if you look in the right way, you'll see beauty everywhere!

  5. The thing is. People like beautiful people. And if these people that are overweight keep hearing that they are perfect and beautiful then they will ask themselves "why do my friends keep getting male/female attention and I'm not?"

  6. I once saw a woman smoke a cigarette through her 🐱. I guess she has a black urethra now... -INFJ

  7. I got my consciousness back in the shower without remembering how I even got there. I asked my sister how I got there. She said that she woke me up, asked me some questions, I responded back to them like a conscious person would, and walked into the shower.

  8. INFJ Dennis Nilsen. Serial killer. His grandfather died and in his mind, his grandfather left him. He was gay and every time after sex the men would leave him, just like his grandfather. So he started choking them out and killing them so that they stay. He watched tv with their corpses.

  9. Trapper isn’t really weak. The problem is he needs to lay out his traps around the map to be fully functional. And that takes time. What’s worse is the traps spawning around the map leading to you having to go there and pick them up. An hugh improvement would be starting with all the traps in your bag.

  10. One blink... No. Because she's the slowest killer in the game and only having one blink + being slower than survivors is the easiest way to a 5 gen loop.

  11. Theoretically yes, in practice, kind of? If we imagine a senario where the nurse plays perfectly, and the survivors play perfectly, the nurse will win. As survivor, you don’t really have any tools to prevent the nurse from hitting you. You can break line of sight, and double back and that makes it harder for the nurse, but it doesn’t actually stop her from being able to hit you. Now in practice, this obviously isn’t true, because no human will ever be able to perfectly predict the survivors and hit every blink. This is obvious in tournaments, where everyone has thousands of hours, but the nurse still loses sometimes. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t need changing though. The real problem with nurse come from that fact that the survivors don’t have any real tools against her. Whenever a nurse loses, it’s not because the survivors are more skilled than the nurse, or because they out played her. The nurse lost because she didn’t play well enough. A nurse game really can just be simplified to “can the nurse get downs quick enough to kill everyone before all the gens get done?” The thing is, the speed that a nurse can kill is skill based. The speed that survivors do gens is only skill based to a certain point. Once you can hit skill checks and identify the most efficient order to do gens, the speed caps out. If you take a team of 500 hour survivors and 5000 hour survivors and have them both do gens as fast as they can against an afk killer, the 5000 hour survivors won’t do the gens faster, because it’s better survivors don’t do gens faster. So the nurse is really the only one that determines if she wins. In this sense, yes the nurse is overpowered even though she might not even get a 4k all the time. She won because she passed a threshold that survivors can only increase to a certain point.

  12. Wow, great explanation. Yeah I looked into some dbd esports and I was convinced nurse was op, but with your great explanation, I'm even more convinced. Thank you.

  13. INFPs are sensitive to emotions so that means anger too. An INFP villain is someone who kills and shows no remorse but still shows weakness toward his/her own problems and traumas. Joker was in a room of 2 people. Killed the person who was mean to him. And said to the other person "you can go, because you were the only one who was nice to me."

  14. My memory is great with the outer world. Like if I go a route once I remember it on the way back. I do forget where I'm at sometimes on the way back but then after going maybe a minute cluelessly I find a point that I recognize.

  15. individually no, but combined with every other function in your ego they kinda do. Always the same answer situation, else people would be monotone. Experiences are a large part of decision-making. So if an INTP and an INFP had the exact same experiences. And you put them in the exact same problem. Their decision to fix that problem would be approximately the same and I mean really close to each other. That's why some INFPs are mistyped as INTPs and vice versa.

  16. INFJ's especially unhealthy ones are kinda known for being manipulative. So to make the story interesting make this manipulative side of him extremely strong. If you have read the Art of seduction - by Robert Greene. The most common manipulation style amongst INFJs is also the most manipulative style that there is. Is the ideal lover. The ideal lover puts a lot of effort into his/her manipulation. They observe what their partner needs so they can mirror what their partner wants/crave and bringing this into the victim's life will create a massive attachment for the manipulator. And when this attachment is established it becomes like a drug addiction. So what I had in mind for an INFJ villain is.

  17. INFPs could have experienced trauma which could result in numb feelings, but they still could act on feelings only they don't know that they have. I'm an INFJ and I'm a 9w1`/2w1. You said "( having high Ne/Ni type is impossible )". and then said, "9s numb feelings + INFP rich inner world doesn't make sense". but an INFJ has Fi critic and Fe aux meaning they understand other people's emotions and not their own which contradicts your "( having high Ne/Ni type is impossible )" argument.

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