1. He wasn’t a blood member. He was affiliated through Suge tho. He was friendly with both gangs and wanted unity.

  2. Thanks but I’d rather trust Pac than random gangsters

  3. It’s the best pac website you’ll see

  4. Months ago. And the first time was over a year ago I believe. Never received the confirmation email. Apparently several people have had this issue, and some got it fixed by getting in touch with a B1 admin. If you know someone from there please hook a brother up.

  5. Joey’s face when he says IS THAT BACK is fkn hilarious

  6. Im working from home but i wait until I clock out to smoke gotta have some discipline

  7. If it’s anything similar to the arabic, it’s horrible

  8. A lot of people they date in the show I found really unattractive.

  9. I remember being so buzzed about this when I learned that Eazy-E & Pac were in the same video

  10. Dre Invented G funk bro. What the fuck are you talking about.

  11. People are taking this way too seriously, i think it was funny and the references were on point

  12. House of Blues in terms of recording quality, but Pac had gone mad at that point lol so it’s not the best performance imo.

  13. Diddy was always a piece of shit and a poser. Used up all his biggest stars and ripped them off and tossed them all to the side and was a fake thug. You don't remember when Suge had Diddy's kid's mom in a hotel room after the source awards and started moving in on Diddy's roster of artists? He had Mary J Blige coming around getting fucked by death row dudes. He took Jodeci from Diddy and Diddy kept his mouth shut. Diddy was even getting punked by his own people too. Go look up how Lox stuck Diddy up to get him to cancel their contract because Diddy was ripping them off. Diddy was a fine print snake but a coward when confronted by the real streets. Only time Diddy ever acted hardcore was when he had his homeboys surrounding him or his bodyguards. As someone who was around at that time was in my late teens during that era of hip hop and was born in Queens, raised in NY, Diddy was known in NY as a bitch and was nothing like his father who was a real G. Diddy grew up an altar boy, went to a private Catholic school and become a dancer, his mom sheltered him and sent him to college.

  14. Fuck Diddy man he’s now pretending to be a holy man or some shit on social media

  15. So screaming "as we proceed" and "nine five motherfuckers" 8 million times like a fuckin retard is hip hop?

  16. 2Pacalypse Now has a lot of content relevant to that subject.

  17. Yep. It wasn’t till the emergence of Casemiro when we started to dominate. He was the big factor and showed his brilliance after Xabi and Khedira.

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