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  1. I think there will be flexibility in that since there's already been a lot. They will probably count it as Japan time since the process and the decisions are made in Japan, however, it seems very likely, in light of previous decisions, that they will ensure that the whole world is in April 6th before closing up the site.

  2. It's not B day. It's when they stop taking in applications. B-Day is anytime between then and September

  3. That's a good question actually. I am assuming it's whatever it is the moment they initiate the transfer. But it's a valid question. The value could be set days earlier so that is exactly the same for everyone, at the official end of proceedings

  4. All these reminder mails give me anxiety too bro. Also the fact that you can't just copy and paste the Kraken ID tilted me for a bit as well.

  5. Yeah, I hope they redistribute everything left. That would be honourable and I have to commend them for sticking with the process. I have read a lot of the docs and I definitely have not seen any statement about this.

  6. Thanks for that. I was just chatting about this. Celsius may make it if what they've said so far is true but FTX most likely won't

  7. So... If your exchange has collapsed in the decades waiting for the FLR drop... you've lost your FLR. Flare should make a way to prove your wallet snapshot and redirect the FLR to another wallet

  8. My first video - new channel - quirky, tongue in cheek and explicit at the same time . Any feedback is welcome. Please check it out. Thanks

  9. It's a 7 digit code that starts with a #.

  10. Try it and see what happens but you may have to find some other each to get your creditor number.

  11. Lol after they blew our coins on coke and hookers not expecting anyone to keep chasing them so long, I think they're trying to save money

  12. I bet some people are just checking to see if there's a confirmed payout they can accept. Not reading the email, lol.

  13. I'm 2013 I had 26 bitcoins in my account and I was just using them for arbitrage . Back in the days before exchanges and the market sync'd up. I sometimes look upon those transactions with nostalgia

  14. It's not like the funds will be shared to the rest. The payout will happen as planned and the families will have to recover the funds from the bank/exchange/wallet

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