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  1. Look at what happened with GME Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 at C+35 when it was on RegSho

  2. Look at every all the times we've been on RegSho and nothing happened. If you're going to use correlations then the run you're talking about would be an anomaly and excluded from the findings. 99% of the time nothing happens

  3. I pay $375 a week for a studio apartment purely to avoid having to share my space with other people. I budget $550 a week for rent + bills + food.

  4. I found the Poms lazy as fuck when I worked there tbh. Love the extended lunch and early knock off combo. They all raved about how strong the Aussie/Kiwi work ethic was which I always found weird because to me it's just normal and I look more at Asian countries as having the hard work ethic.

  5. It seems to be the people who go oversees to work need the money and are happy to work, and they experience the locals who don't care so much. It works both ways.

  6. If you actally look into what he's saying, the Ctrl+f thing about merge is bullshit.

  7. Based on pure speculation and hopium. If you take a step back and look at the company, it's much more likely they are about to go into bankcrupcy

  8. Nothing they have done or said indicates a merger so it's purely made up in your head. Until the company does anything to suggest they will or want to merge of be aquired then I will consider it a possibility

  9. By all means, look through the document for any instances where RSAs can be cancelled, list them out here, and we can go through each to see if an 8K is required. I've spent an hour going through it and couldn't find any.

  10. The event detailed in the 10Q (notice of default) qualifies as the trigger, and satisfied the requirement

  11. 'im a despirate cunt looking for attention'. Across your forehead

  12. Surely the person with mummy issues is the one online posting about some tattoo he's going to get in a subreddit for a company?

  13. Well I'm working and going to concrete foundations this afternoon. Would much rather not but that's life.

  14. That sucks. I spent all week digging 53 holes for a deck around a pool and I'm pretty sure after this storm I'll be re-digging them next week

  15. Oh no!! Unless it was solid ass clay yup you'll be doing it all over again that's rat shit

  16. Topsoil, fines and some clay. But yeah most will be full 😂. Atleast I have a 4 day weekend tho. Enjoy your concreting 👌

  17. Funny this is posted in BBBY, literally no reference to bed bath and beyond

  18. Wouldn't a M&A need to go to a shareholder vote?

  19. Large triple washed kale is 3 bucks. Drop in the freezer and eat as you can. I eat with eggs and some tomatoes a couple times a week. Cook the cherry tomato’s a bit, drop in a big handful of frozen kale and cook with lid. Couple min later stir and then either scramble eggs right in or plate the kale and make fried eggs. Tasty, nutritious and less oxalates than spinach.

  20. Surely kale isn't giving you all the nutrients that a scoop of athletic greens would?

  21. I think this is correctm but likely the aquisition price will be $15-$20+

  22. It’s good news. They hedging just in case

  23. It's bad news as their will be more shares loaned out for shorts

  24. I have this theory that over the past two years (since Jan 2021), Wall Street has been forced to begin unwinding trades and deleveraging positions. We saw insane moves with some of the largest market cap companies like Apple, Meta, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla.

  25. This pretty much confirms no spin off or sale of BuyBuyBaby

  26. Yes, it was, but they also pulled some real bullshit on January 4-6 to knock it that low (which is what landed them on regsho). Before that our price was 2.64, which means it was "only" a double to that peak. If you take into account the 50% of additional dilution from the share offering our previous low of 4.54 looks eerily similar to 2.64 for a proportional low. We've seen nowhere near a proportional high and they landed on regsho at the START of this cycle - there are plenty more shares that need to be delivered to a lit market. Either someone bet big that BK is coming this week or they pulled some desperate move to keep price down for last week's option chain and have to swing those shares back from under the carpet soon to get of regsho before we hit rule 3210 and they start the clock on forced closure.

  27. Well you're off to a good start with your prediction

  28. August went from 5 to 30 so a bit more, 600%

  29. Yeah I'd be surprised if it was exactly the same every cycle. That hasn't been the case previously

  30. Kinda relieved to see this comment honestly. Im dropping down to 49/50 almost every time, with a slight uptick towards the end.

  31. It's another wild thing someone plucking out of the blue for some sort of hopium?

  32. No way. Its £200 million. Its not from shutting down stores. Ryan gave his profits.

  33. Okay keep believing your little fantasy. 200m isn't that hard to save for a company with thousands of stores worldwide

  34. Also, why deploy the DRS rug pull this last quarter, if the two year mark isn't significant? They only get to pull that crap once.

  35. You don't know there was a Drs rug pull, it could easily just be that people were buying through Computershare so they were going into Plan not Book

  36. If Ryan fucks me I’ll be fucking pissed!!! But he is Ryan Cohen and he is daddy so I don’t see it happening. I think this is actually it

  37. He's already fucked you by selling his shares and calls? You can't still be banking on something happening in the next two days are you?

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