THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If you were recalled to Camp Pendleton in 2003 or you served around one of those recalls, you are being recalled again to help document that beautiful moment in Marine Corps History.

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  1. Thank you, I was trying to find out via google but could not find results right away.

  2. Worry about that here in a little bit. Relax for right now and get care.

  3. I have a trauma anniversary coming up, and I've been having nightmares. I'm tired, but it will pass.

  4. If this is true, then the US needs to stay out of it and let Israel learn the rule of fafo.

  5. I was never recalled, but I was at a butt rock music festival that had Marine recruiters on the grounds, and they had chin up bars set up.

  6. It depends. I use medically, and if I'm doing all right, I'll wait until later in the day to use. After lunch (not that much later in the day, lol) I'll smoke around 1 gram in a doobie over the next couple hours and then between 3pm and 4pm I'll take around 120mgs or so of THC in RSO. I might take another 50mgs or so around 7.

  7. Idk what chow hall you're going to, but mine always has me bent over clutching my stomach 30 minutes after eating, and eventually shitting my brains out for 10-15 minutes. That shit is not fine.

  8. Do you want to hold poop in your colon and get ass cancer when you're 65? The chow hall cleans you out, be a man.

  9. In my area, I can use medical marijuana. I put a product called Rick Simpson Oil on a peanut butter cracker about an hour before dinnertime. I have a good night, and my ptsd symptoms are way lower when I wake up. I can usually get through the morning comfortably and can get some stuff done.

  10. Anything that can help against sensations? My psyc says Setraline could help idk I’m on the edge everyday. Can’t take it much longer…

  11. If your Doc is suggesting Sertraline give it a try. I'm on a few different meds, but I still get keyed up. Cannabis is what helps me the most.

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