Came from work to see my girlfriend has updated our letter board

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  1. I am a fresher in VITC. The guy had committed suicide yesterday morning. He had an exam and got caught cheating. He was so anxious & came out of the exam hall and jumped from 6th floor. Some rumors say that he has passed away.

  2. Please stop spreading rumours without confirming from the official people itself, did you ask his friends? or are you just spewing rumours based on what people are talking? he did NOT cheat, it is disrespect to him to be spreading rumours like this

  3. Excuse me?? My next door mate literally wrote exam with him. He told me that he was caught cheating.

  4. 27, and yes. Currently he is fixing 2 women that I know of. One of them is married to a banker, the other one is married to an army guy. Initially he got rejected by both of them and I thought it was over. A few months later, he showed me the passion marks on his body made by the bahus. Honestly because of how easy he makes it look, I have lost quite a bit of faith in the institution of marriage itself.

  5. Even me bro. I have lost faith in marriage already. I am 18. But how did he convince them?

  6. I have no idea. He is a solitary hunter. But I don't think it's rocket science, he haven't missed a single gym session in the last 10 years, is the funniest guy i have ever met (will give bill burr and Louie ck a run for their money), can sing and play guitar, has the innocent look going on and can talk himself out of any situation. I mean the guy is impeccable, such a shame that he is a douche.

  7. I mean that's his rights to fuck whoever he wants. I mean even the bahus are in the equal wrong. When is his birthday?

  8. well u can also complain that they are talking dirty about boys, its as simple but many men dont want to take the initiative coz blaming is fun

  9. The audicity of girls to play as victims everywhere cuz I am pretty sure the teachers won't take the hearing of the boy and will side with the girl.

  10. I wish I was an English in UK. Pretty cool life with quite little population. Could have watched PL matches in stadium.

  11. Depends upon your background, and more importantly, your crime.

  12. Story time! This was back in 2013, I was in class 9. I bunked tuition and was drinking with my friends, didn't know better. Once we were done we were just sitting by the footpath in a secluded road. I saw a police car approaching in the distance. I panicked as I was drunk and misjudged the situation and started running and stopped after a while. My friends ran towards the other way. A policeman then nabbed me from the back and locked his arm over my neck. He was chocking me with his arm to keep me in place, I was gasping for air and requested him to release me as I won't run. He didn't let go abd while I was struggling and swinging my arm it hit the policemen and busted his lip. They instantly took me inside the car and slapped me left and right. Took me to the police station and asked me about my parents. Then they called them to the station and in that while I was beaten with their stick on my arms and legs. Bruised me up bad. I was just a kid back then, 15 years old maybe. My parents panicked as they've never been in a situation involving the police, we didn't even have a lawyer. The police knew they could pull their power over them and threatened them that they'd register a case against me for raising my hand on an on duty policeman. Parents had to pay 10,000rs as a bribe to drop the charges and pull me out.

  13. Lol I thought you said you are a girl. I am fond of Muslim girls ❤️

  14. Some balls of steel on Ash to let the ball go for wide. Very few batsmen would have done that.

  15. Indian men are not emotionally independent even after reaching adulthood. The decision-making is done by the elders in their homes. Indian men do not mature before reaching 60. If you want a young man with emotional maturity, look outside India.

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