[Mercedes Vision AVTR] at the beach

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  1. That Voltex Type 7 is easily a $3k wing, and TE37s will run you a grand each. These are the complete opposite of shitty car mods lol

  2. Good. It doesn’t need to have stupid Cyberpunk design features. In an EV I want a regular car, just electric.

  3. I wouldn’t call it shitty. Good fitment, looks to be properly done fender flares, it’s not stanced to hell. Just it being a Juke.

  4. A supercharged G35 with a hole cut in the hood and a Jesus license plate is the most OKC thing I've ever seen.

  5. That’s an intake manifold, not a supercharger, specifically a Holley EFI. It could also house a supercharger under the hood but we wouldn’t know it lol

  6. A bit of all above. 1 or 1 Paint and Package combo. Hand Painted (by Ferrari) stripes. Also tours and places in a few car shows. Color is Giallo Triplo Strato.

  7. Rob’s 488 also has every single carbon fiber option Ferrari offered for the car. I’m not 100% sure about it being $1 million but it’s up there in terms of Pistas. He assured me he drives it quite often, which is awesome to hear.

  8. Nobody? What about the other 3 people in the picture that are also taking pictures? I get what you’re trying to say lol, but the picture literally defeats what you’re trying to say

  9. Seeing as this car has been out for close to three years now and this is the only appearance of it in this sub I’d say my statement still stands lol

  10. Great pic! But how can you only take one from the front, of a car that you'll very likely never see again?

  11. Probably because he wasn’t let inside. Almost looks like he took it behind a window

  12. There appears to be some debris/stains on your sensor or your lens, which should explain those splotches in the first few images.

  13. Ya just got my sensor cleaned today lol. ill remove some of those issues in post tho

  14. but Porsche drivers dont use brakes or turn signals??? so confused right now

  15. Is it just me or is there an influx of random cellphone camera pics of mostly mundane cars? Like the kind of posts that belong in

  16. I think you’re missing the point. I got a $70 STH for $17.50 is the point.

  17. And now somebody got your $17.50 Boulevard after paying $70, or more. Why gain on account of someone else’s loss when you guys should both have gotten what you paid for?

  18. The first time I saw one was in late 2008, I was almost 6 years old and I only got a glimpse of the tail lights and the badge. The dual roundel lights on either side led me to believe it was some kind of Ferrari based on the way they designed their

  19. it's more absurd they still sell the same model even after 14 years.

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