1. what shoud i put as support in my pvp demon team estarossa/Ominous zeldris and assault meli i don't have purgatory ban

  2. so i just download the game and chose UK as server when will the anniversary banner drop cuz i heard in NA it drops on july.thnks

  3. "UK" is the same as NA in terms of events, banners, etc.

  4. What shoud i put on 20/20/20 ss momo so that she can auto better

  5. what to put as 2nd abilty for t20 ss momo i'v put FSD on the 1st slot

  6. Long stride/Sprinter +1 if you wanna be fast, weaken defense in you wanna do better in guild quest, or damage to slowed enemies for more general damage

  7. It depends, first tell us what you picked already on your LS15 then we might be able to tell for LS20

  8. how can i farm the blue fragments to enhance ssr gear ?

  9. so i'm playing the bird on jp i'm using the one /fest king/megellda and green gowther they'r all lvl 90 super awakened eveeythinf went smoothly until phase 4 where i can't do damage i don't know why ?

  10. You have to either a) Save powerstrike cards (King does have them) or b)Use TMeli's single targets. This gimmick is only for floor 1 phase 4

  11. I have just started can someone please explain me the wish system like i have 2000 wishes on the left and 6 on the right and i must have 10 to wish like what's the difference between them i'm noob and i guess it's cringe but i need to know haha

  12. Acquaint Fates are the blue orbs. These are used to wish on the Standard Banner. You can get free ones from sometimes leveling up your AR or from the free portion of the battlepass. You can also convert 160 Primogems into 1 Acquaint Fate, but this is not typically recommended.

  13. i have just started the game what's the first thing i should do or focus on thnks !

  14. i just downloaded the steam version on my pc and connected my xbox controller and so everything is working fine exept for the x button which is sa1 i tried other games and the x button is working btw what shoud i do ?

  15. Glad to hear that ! it gets better eventually

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