1. Was about to post this one - I don’t believe but I’m so confused 😭😭😭

  2. I've seen at least Josh and Eddie both ask in videos for people to ease up on the Mully jokes. He's human too, and I imagine it has been getting to be too much lately.

  3. Hes a human being - just the fact that people are even brutal in person is so wrong. I appreciate mully being a member of the boys and I hope other people come to realize that he brings value to the group. He’s human and should be treated the same way we treat other strangers

  4. Always talk to your professors before the semester starts. Give them a brief understanding of your struggles and how the condition is unpredictable and it’s best to have student disability services because professors will be more willing to help out in terms of accommodations. I have yet to have a professor deny any of my requested accommodations but I know they’re out there.

  5. there’s not a lot of information about hEDS so there’s a lot of these kinds of questions we cannot answer. What we do know is that EDS (all types) are largely under diagnosed because of how hard it is to get recognition of the symptoms and find providers who can test for it.

  6. For anyone who doesn’t know the backstory other than her screaming and crying. The legend goes that she drowned her children and morns them and tries to lure other children to the lake to drown them to give their mothers the same pain. She otherwise roams and moans and cries in agony “searching” for her children.

  7. But why didn't they publish over 6 months ago when they originally said they would? And if they're not willing to say why they missed the previous time line they promised, why should we trust they'll follow through on this one?

  8. This is what happens in research, they likely submitted for publication and were told they needed to change something about it. My lab just had the same thing we submitted a manuscript and have to do a lot more experiments around one of our claims. Just like their lab we submitted around May and our estimated resubmittion time is December. This isn’t necessarily the case, as there’s a lot of reasons this could happen such as supply chain issues, faults in the experiment that had to be corrected, technology issues, etc. A lot Can delay publication time. It almost never goes as planned.

  9. but i would never release a press release for submitting a paper, only when it gets published. at that point it had not even gotten through peer review

  10. I would have to agree with you, I would not agree with making announcements prior to publication. It results in confusion like what’s going on here and it allows for miscommunication as well.

  11. Hey - Biomed engineering / cell bio person here with hEDS! The most critical thing in writing I hear and see the most of is the hyper extension. I rarely hear issues with the finger joints being destabilized in a side to side direction - it’s usually in the direction of contraction.

  12. Oh wow, I'm special for once xD My index fingers like to dance out of line sideways. Hyperextension is an issue too, but since I almost exclusively write with soft-nib fountain pens it's much better. Give me a ballpen and my hands will cramp within a few lines of writing (I hate it when I have to fill out forms and forgot to bring a pen owowow)

  13. EDS is hard to treat because the symptoms and difficulties are so different from patient to patient. Just remember - if you don’t fit a symptom trend or you have problems other people don’t have - your experience with this condition is no less valid from a patient that fits the “norm” for this condition. It’s so crazy how wildly our experiences and symptoms can range with this condition!

  14. I looked into it. It’s a real trial for gallium for pseudomonas, my clinic is part of it and it’s on the CFF clinical finder, but I agree that I didn’t like this method of recruitment at all. It seems unethical.

  15. As someone in research I agree, this does not seem like an appropriate way to recruit candidates. I am genuinely surprised this is a real trial and this person is legit. Definitely sets off some alarms for me.

  16. wireless ones? they make that noise when in use? never heard that happen

  17. Oh not the wireless the wired ones that connect directly to the phone

  18. ok thats weird. all wired earbuds? have you tried a different phone? (or some other sound source)

  19. I really should - I just play music and whatnot from the speaker and don’t use the earbuds. I just forgo music in public places

  20. Yes, it's a easy hobby to have and to stick with. I love Animal Crossing, Tetris and Mario Kart. Zelda is the only game with a story that I can play, maybe because it doesn't have much dialogues to recall, so I think it's more ADHD friendly than others. :)

  21. You’ve earned all my respect for listing Mario kart - it’s timeless!

  22. I completely get it! People are pretty chill but you can always join and just lurk 😹

  23. I lose my vision as well in my episodes but I also get sweats. I associate the sweating with temperature dis-regulation which is a common symptom of dysautonomia. Though, I’m not sure this is the true cause. Sometimes I think it may also be due to the stress these episodes induce.

  24. Some of you guys are super chill and then there’s these groups that run around like children and we just roll our eyes. For the most part we really don’t care and mind our own business

  25. Wow thanks for taking the time to type all that out ❤️ glad you care so much! To correct some misunderstanding, never said mine were worse just looking for people in the realm of hyperrealism. I did mention I have sleep hallucinations, not nightmares. They are different, but happy to educate someone as passionate as you are!

  26. Believe me you’re not alone with this. When I have nightmares they are just… well I think you know what I mean and you can also find many people on this subreddit or on

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