1. Very nice smoker, I use mine for over night smokes and smoking while I’m at work. My fan went bad after a year but pitboss customer service is very good and had it replaced within a week. That’s steal at that price

  2. In the book, the chapters of Jamie’s traveling with his cousin Frey and the Wench were very entertaining

  3. I tried them a year ago and got some dry garbage. Gave them another shot a couple weeks ago and got “Lost River”. Really good taste and effects on that one.

  4. Garlic Cookies from Riviera Creek, Dual OG from Galenas, ICC from Klutch, and Dosidos from BR are my go-tos

  5. I second this list, those are all my go to indicas as well. I think the Lost River from Riviera is better than the G.C. Check it out if you haven’t.

  6. That flower is so old I can see the dust on it. Hope you didn’t pay more than $30. Klutch strikes again selling old dusty flower

  7. I blame the dispensary, I’m sure it’s been sitting on the shelf for months. I’m sure Klutch isn’t shipping out 9 month old bud. Hopefully OP got this at a nice discount.

  8. I mean I guess it's cool that he won, he still murdered a 19-year-old for having consensual sex with his daughter

  9. A fight he practically forced the kid into with the threat of losing a tongue, a nose, and the use of all his limps. He also use magic sword so there is nothing fair about it

  10. True, not fair at all, the kings justice is rarely fair. But it was a lawful fight. You don’t defile a princess and not expect punishment. There’s no such thing as “consensual” when it’s the Kings daughter

  11. I grabbed a cheap dry herb vape (youcan vane) just to try it but I don’t think I’m doing it right. I’ve had some luck with a dry pipe and combusting.

  12. If you aren’t into fantasy books, I’m not sure GoT is the place to start. But you never know. It’s a long read and if you’re the type that doesn’t like to remember names, especially fantasy type, it may not be for you.

  13. I disagree, I was staunchly against fantasy novels. Loved GOT so much I decided to give the novels a try. Love them even more then the show, and now fantasy is all I read. IMO if you love GOT the novels are a must read, even if you’re not into fantasy normally.

  14. For me the red wedding was the most heartbreaking event, so the death of the Freys was the best/most satisfying.

  15. Black Loren and Andrik the Unsmiling were known as the fiercest warriors.

  16. I disagree about the Starks. Ned abandoned them and agreed to marry Sansa off to a kid neither of them knew well. Jon left for the Wall because Lady Stark hated him. Benjen did the same.

  17. I can’t knock Ned for betrothing his daughter to his Best-friends son and heir to the throne. Once things became clear unfortunately it was to late. I don’t believe Benjen joined the watch because of any hate from family, he joined the wall after his family besides Ned was killed. I think he joined after Lyannas bones came back to Winterfell, they were very close and her death broke him.

  18. A man as smart as Lord Tywin had to know, I think it was more denial. He also married his cousin so I always thought he was ok with it but just didn’t want to ever confirm it aloud.

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